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Summer Bucket List 2017

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“What are you doing this summer?”

It’s the Big Question everyone has been asking the boys and I since school ended three weeks ago.

For the first two weeks my answer was, “A whole lotta nothing for now.” I’m a huge fan of unwinding and taking a break, especially when there is a break in scheduled activities. Which, for those first two weeks, we did.

We definitely aren’t having a lazy summer. I’ve enrolled the boys in swimming lessons and my hope is to keep them both enrolled twice a week until September. L has a speech therapy evaluation scheduled in a couple weeks, and if they deem it wise to move forward he could be in those 1-2 times a week for the summer.

Unfortunately though, we haven’t really had anything planned that screams FUN (outside of a night trip to Great Wolf Lodge with my newest sister-in-law, which was fun!). My brother-in-law’s New York wedding this past spring sucked any extra money we had for a night or two away. Admittedly, I am disappointed in that – I really think my family needs time away together. But that couldn’t be helped and I’m hoping that a few day trips will suffice.

I always have a list of things I want to do with the boys over summer vacation, but this year I was inspiredΒ to write it all down. I took it a step further and wrote our list on poster board and taped it on the wall where we could all see it.

This is the first year I’ve sat down with my boys and asked their input on what we should do this summer. It was fun! Despite having to do this while they played in the sandbox because they didn’t want to sit down for a discussion. It worked though.

Summer Bucket List via

The boys gave a few suggestions that definitely won’t happen (like visiting their cousin in New York). And I wrote down a few knowing they most likely won’t (like a beach trip). But overall, I think we’ve got a pretty good list of activities that are doable and can plan ahead for.Summer Bucket List 2017 via

I can’t wait to start crossing things off!


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  1. A summer bucket list is a really cool idea! We are already half way through summer break but I think I am going to make a list with my kids anyways, thanks for the idea!

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