G’s Preschool Graduation

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Last week, G graduated from preschool. I managed to hold it together through the preschool graduation ceremony. Preschool graduation wasn’t really a thing when I was little, so this was kind of an exciting event for me to go to. It was cute! The kids sang some songs they had been learning in music class, then they sat down with their classes for their teachers to call each of them up and hand them a diploma. The kids wore blue felt graduation caps and they were all just overall adorable!

I was pretty proud of my self; I didn’t cry. I was happy for G! But then I saw him hugging his teachers goodbye the next day – for the very last time – and I lost it. I cried on the way downstairs to pick up his little brother.

No more dropping G off or picking him up from the classroom door. No more Christmas Concerts where he’ll sing. No more saying “Hi” to the boys and girls we have gotten to know over the last three years.

There were people who didn’t agree with my desire to send G to preschool at 2, but I don’t regret the decision one bit. I knew he’d thrive. And after seeing how much he’s learned and done, those people have come around. His first year of preschool was rocky, but overall, it’s been amazing to watch his love of learning and creativity grow over the last three years.

First he turned five. Now he’s graduated preschool. He’s no longer a baby. He’s truly a Big Kid now. Even his “Cheese Face” has matured:

preschool graduation via

Now we get a three-month break before the next adventure begins: elementary school.


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