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Summertime Fun Round Up

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School’s out for summer and now I’m trying to figure out how to keep us all from going crazy with boardum until September. We have a few doctor appointments scheduled. And I’m insisting on swimming lessons, which will be twice a week. But those are things I know will be met with moans and groans and whining.

So this week, I’ll be asking the boys what they want to do for summertime fun and the three of us will create a bucket list. If you’re stuck on ideas or want some inspiration for summertime activities, check out these posts from some of the bloggers of the Parent Bloggers Tribe Facebook group:

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Make a Bucket List

I don’t plan on going super fancy with our list, and I want to hang ours on the wall where we can all see it. But if you’re looking for a more creative way of making plans, Major League Mommy shows you how to make an awesome Bucket List Jar. I love her idea of pulling a new activity each week!

Make Flavored Lemonade

Summer = Lemonade in my mind. I don’t usually go too crazy with mine, but Love My Big Happy Family made me re-think it with her Flavored Lemonade recipe.

Read, Read, Read

We (usually) read before nap/quiet time and before bed so this shouldn’t be a tough one. My personal goal is to read the first four books in the Outlander series before Season 3 premiers in September. I bought the boys a book each for their Easter baskets and splurged on a few Berenstain Bears books to keep them excited about reading during the summer. If you’re in need a few new titles, the Triplet Farm has a fun list of summertime themed books!

Hit the Lake or Beach

I really want a beach do-over after our attempt at going last year. It was rainy and cold and we didn’t enjoy the actual beach too much. I’m not sure if that’s going to happen or not, but we’ll most likely find ourselves at my in-law’s lake. I learned quickly that these trips to the water are a little different with kids. Hampton Roads Moms has awesome tips for hitting the beach with your baby and Fab Working Mom Life has great tips for packing for the beach with your toddler. They easily apply to lake trips as well!

Go For a Walk or Hike

My kids behave so much better when we’re outside! Now that L has gotten better with running, and climbing, I’m hoping to visit a few of the state parks we live near, keeping in mind these great tips for hiking with preschoolers from The Tinsel Box.

Continued Learning

My mom drove me nuts about making sure I didn’t lose all that I learned that school year. There were work books and work sheets. There was one summer she got me a math tutor. In hind sight, I realize she was concerned because I wasn’t good at math and wanted to make sure I didn’t fall behind by the time fall came back around. I’ve not doubt in my mind I’ll be doing something similar with my kids. (Gah! I already have.) While worksheets and tutors weren’t fun, technology has that ability. Diary of a Deelexia Mom shares two of her favorite websites for summer learning.

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What is your favorite summertime activity?

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