Signs for Science at the March for Science DC

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There wasn’t a shortage of reasons to participate in the March for Science, which I took part of in Washington, DC last weekend. I wish I could have taken pictures of all the signs for Science I loved, but it was hard to do while walking, holding my own sign, and in pouring rain.

Signs for Science at the March for Science, DC via

I saw signs about vaccines, cancer, education, mental health, parental leave, the environment, dismay at our current administration, adult beverages, famous scientists, climate change, data…I’m sure I could go on!

There were a few I didn’t quite understand, but overall I loved how creative and funny some of them were.

See? I’m not the only one who marched for beer.

March for Science DC | SIgns for Science via

March for Science DC | Signs for Science via

Signs for Science at March for Science, DC via

So, all The Lorax signs made me want to cry. I was considering a sign that simply said “UNLESS.” G has been asking to read this book more and more lately and it’s led to some good conversations about how to be kind to the planet. Reading it always makes me wonder what we’ll be facing several years from now.

We had NO idea where we were within the march, but it turned out we were towards the front of it.

Our plan was to eat lunch before the march, but we ended up eating a late lunch/early dinner (Linner?) afterwards instead at Tortilla Coast (YUM!). We were told to leave our signs at the door because the owner didn’t want things to get too heated. This upset some people but I could respect their wishes. I didn’t realize until we left that their sign was a quote from Isaac Newton.

These guys. Were. A. HIT! And they were troopers letting us take our photo with them. (If you guys are reading this, thanks again! My kids love Beaker’s Ode to Joy video and think I met a celebrity! My 3-year-old is convinced I had deep conversations with Beaker [or, Me Me, as he calls him] and we’re BFFs now.)

I read there was another Beaker who endured a pat down at check-in and only answered the officers in “Meeps.”

Did you participate in a March for Science? What did your sign say?

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