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Calling All Sticker Lovers: Pipsticks {Review}

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary Kids Classic Pack from Pipsticks in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on a link.

My oldest has loved stickers for as long as I can remember. We’ve (mostly) gotten him to understand that stickers are for PAPER ONLY, so now instead of finding stickers in random places, we’ll find them on pieces of paper (that we pick up in random places).

Lately, I’ve been taking a harder look into subscription boxes that inspire creativity and have discovered Pipsticks sticker packs definitely help reach that goal.

Love Stickers? Pipsticks is a monthly sticker subscription for kids and adults alike | Pipsticks Review via

Pipsticks was founded by Maureen, a mom of four who has been collecting stickers since childhood. I found her story extremely relateable, as I also find myself at the craft store buying stickers “for the kids” often.

The Kids Classic Pack arrived in a fun envelope and totally brightened our day. It included:

  • 15 sheets of stickers in various sizes
  • 1 raffle ticket
  • 1 pre-stamped postcard
  • 4 pieces of scrap paper
  • 1 coloring sheet which was printed on the back of a newsletter

Pipsticks {Review} Kids Pack via

G (5) immediately set to work making notes for his friends at school. First, he wrote one on the postcard for his BFF which we put in the mail the next morning. I love that Pipsticks includes this, I mean, who doesn’t love actual mail? G’s friend was so excited when he got the postcard a couple days later.

Pipsticks Kids Packs include a self addressed stamped postcard for your child to decorate and send to their BFF or relative! | Pipsticks {Review} via

G also used the scrap paper to draw pictures and stick stickers on and fold up for another friend. He carried them into school proudly the next morning.

L (3) wasn’t interested in playing with stickers at first. G left some stickers and a piece of paper out for him, which left him inspired to make some art before bath time. He was really proud of it:

pipsticks review via

I actually encourage L to use stickers on a regular basis because peeling them off and sticking them on paper helps strengthen his hand muscles, which are affected by his hypotonia.

This pack included two scratch and sniff stickers, which always take me back to my childhood. I’m very partial to Mrs Grossman’s stickers (not only are they cute, they are acid free, which is ideal for scrapbooking) and I was excited to see a few of those included as well.

There were also two sheets that I took for my personal stash. Yes, I still collect stickers. I use them for journaling. Thankfully, Pipsticks knows there’s people like me in the world and they not only have subscription services for kids, but adults too!

Pipsticks subscriptions come in two different sizes:

Subscriptions can be bought at 3, 6, or 12 months at a time and Pipsticks even sells gift cards so the recipient can choose the pack that’s best for them! This would make an awesome gift, not only for kids but for anyone you know that loves journaling, scrapbooking, or planning!

mail for sticker lovers.

Now for something fun. How would you like to save 20% off the first month of ANY regular (non-gift) Pipsticks subscription? Enter coupon code BOOTSNDIAMONDS at check out to start receiving a bit of fun every month!

If you’re not feeling the monthly subscription, Pipsticks also has an online store you can purchase sticker sheets, washi, and apparel from. I am in love with their #stickerboss shirt!

For more information about Pipsticks, as well as creative ideas, follow them on:

Do you know a sticker fanatic? Are you one? What is your favorite way to use stickers?

mail for sticker lovers.

7 thoughts on “Calling All Sticker Lovers: Pipsticks {Review}

  1. My obsession with stickers has always been a secret! Glad to hear I’m not the only one out there.
    But I’m only into the scratch ‘n smell ones, the puffy ones and the scrapbook ones (think miniature campfires, wedding gowns and baby carriages)… oh, and the sparkly ones, of course! 😉

  2. This looks like so much fun. I may have to wait for my little one to get the idea of stickers though, right now he just wants to unstick them and roll them up into little balls lol.

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