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2017 Goals and Intentions

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For the past month, at least one of us has been sick with something. It started with L coming down with a respiratory thing (I am fairly certain it was an allergy-induced asthma reaction to my in-law’s dog though I have no real proof). That turned into pneumonia. G hasn’t seemed super sick, but definitely off. He’s more whiny and tired than usual. Mr Boots has been dealing with a virus and is on a second antibiotic to try and get rid of it.

I’ve been feeling weird off and on through all of this, but I think I finally caught the bug yesterday. I’m exhausted and my throat and head hurt. I’m hoping I can chug along with some over-the-counter stuff, but it certainly sucks being sick when you’re the one who has to keep little people fed and out of trouble.

It’s been an excuse to lay low and reflect on the past year and what I want to do or do differently this year.
Goals and Intentions via

Goals and Intentions via

Personally, in 2017 I’d like to…

Read more books

I originally had this as “Read 10 books” and I really thought about it and realized that was a huge goal for me. Too huge. Especially because some of the books I want to read (I’m looking at you, Game of Thrones series!) are long. So, I’m setting the intention to read more books that are just for me.

Organize the house

Our kitchen cabinets need a good going-through. Our master bedroom closet continues to be a dumping ground for “things I’ll get to later.” Other parts of the house need a good sorting, but these are the two areas I want to tackle this year. I think all the clutter and stashes of stuff is affecting me mentally. I’m debating on reading up on the KonMari method – if any of you have tried it out I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Run 2 races

My BiL is getting married in New York this spring and he and his fiance are running a 1/2 marathon the day after their wedding. They’ve invited their guests to join them and I’m seriously considering running the 10K the race is offering. (I don’t think I could do a 1/2 marathon with barely any training!) Mr Boots isn’t too keen on staying in New York longer than necessary, but I might be able to sway him since it’s 1) got a 10am start time and 2) the boys don’t have school the next day, which means we don’t really have to rush home.

I’ve got my eye on The Color Run (affiliate) and Color Rush, which I participated in two years ago. Because running through colors is fun! But we’ll see what happens.

Get outside more

You know what I learned last year? When my kids are outside they fight less. I yell less. They tire themselves out. So, even if it’s to let them run around for 15 minutes before dinner, I’m hoping to get outside more this year.

Complete a photo challenge

My D5500  came yesterday!! And woah, do I have some learning and familiarizing to do. It’s definitely a step up from the D3100 I’ve been using. Practice makes perfect, so I have my eye (once again) on doing a 10 on the 10th (take 10 pictures on the 10th day of the month) or a Photo a Day (take one every day for a month).

Complete Capture the Everyday’s 2017 Photo Challenge

Kimberlee recently reached out to me about her new photo challenge. It’s geared towards moms who, like me, want to use their fancy DSLRs more than their phones to take pictures of their families. Since I’ve upgraded cameras I thought this would be a neat thing to try. I don’t think it’s too late to sign up, so visit her site, Capture the Everyday, to learn more and register!

Blogging Goals

Post once a week

This has been a goal of mine for months, but I feel like I keep failing. I actually want to give myself a sticker for posting today because not feeling well was looking like a good excuse to skip this week.

Create a rate sheet

The end of 2016 taught me that I can make money from my blog/social media. Like, more than just a cup of coffee money. So, at some point this year I hope to create a rate sheet so I can send it to brands that send pitches to me. I turned down a couple neat ones because I didn’t want to write simply in exchange for their product. I have no way of knowing if they’d have paid me for a sponsored post, but I’ll never know because I wasn’t prepared in asking.

Choose 5 blogs that I love and comment on them consistently

I love more than 5, but I suck at commenting and really want to get better at doing it more. I thought 5 was a good number to start with.

What are your goals and intentions for 2017?

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