NaBloPoMo 2016: Recap

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Personally, I am glad that NaBloPoMo is done for the year. I was so excited about it until the election, then my heart wasn’t in it anymore. My brain spent the rest of November in it’s own place. I seriously wanted to spend the rest of the month doing nothing but watching seasons 1 and 2 of Outlander on repeat. I don’t know why, but that show has sucked me in and I kinda like leaving reality to watch it.

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But I did it. The first goal I wrote about in my NaBloPoMo goal post was to publish something every single day (as is the goal of every NaBloPoMo-er — duh, right?). I did that. Even if it was just a photo. I loved looking back at my editorial calendar and seeing a post on every single day.

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Writing or creating a post every single day sounds so much easier than it is!

Goal #2 was to bring back my Gettin’ Fit Friday link up. I wrote one post for it and had every single intention of making that a weekly thing. But I failed miserably on that front. Getting fit, as much as I need to start up again, also ended up being low priority.

Goal #3 was reading and commenting on more blogs. I did read more than I usually do, but I attribute that to participating in more blogging Facebook groups. I commented on a a couple of favorite blogs more often than I have in the past. It was so awesome to see bloggers dusting off their spaces and writing for the challenge!

My last goal was to use my DSLR more than my phone for photos. I think I ended up doing half and half. Maybe. Maybe not? Did I mention my new phone takes great photos? 😉 But I have been using my DSLR more, even if those photos didn’t make it into my posts.

Once December 1 hit, I knew I was ready for a blogging break so I took one. It was weird not to be at my computer every day, but it meant I wasn’t exactly dragging myself here to write either. I’ve learned a couple things this year, and one is that taking breaks is a good thing! I gave myself a huge pat on the back for nailing the November blogging challenge and spent time with my family, watching TV, and sleeping.

Did you participate in NaBloPoMo? How did you do? Did you find yourself ready for a break once it was over?

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