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Walmart Grocery: A Mom’s Perspective + Referral Coupon

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I have a love/hate relationship with grocery shopping. I think I’m starting to like meal planning and making the list of food we’ll need. Going to the store means 2-3 hours of being by myself. That’s the part I love.

However, grocery shopping usually happens on a Sunday morning. It eats into the one day a week the four of us are together as a family. I get annoyed at other shoppers who take up space in the aisles when I’m on a mission. I impulse buy (of COURSE I need five chocolate bars!). Having to wait in long lines if I didn’t leave my house to beat the post-church rush. And the fact that my one shopping cart somehow turns into two at the check out line still baffles me. Clearly, my list of dislikes is longer.

Recently, a few friends tried and raved about Walmart Grocery. And since grocery shopping is not my most favorite thing I decided to give it a shot. The perfect time presented itself over the weekend when I couldn’t prolong shopping but I couldn’t fit a 3 hour shopping trip into our schedule either.

I hadn’t grocery shopped at Walmart since college. I’d considered it several times, but my downfall with places like Walmart and Target is they offer so many reasons to impulse buy.

Okay, bananas, chicken, milk… OH HEY! A BICYCLE! 

Walmart Grocery: A Mom's Perspective via

Using Walmart Grocery definitely helped with that. I wasn’t tempted by junk food or random things like movies and clothes. But I found I had a different challenge being a food allergy mom. Since I was not familiar with all the brands they offered (especially store-brand) I didn’t know if some of the products I was looking at contained peanuts/coconuts or was at risk for cross-contamination. If you normally shop at Walmart and know what foods are okay, then this shouldn’t be as challenging.

There were a few items I bought that were out of stock when they fulfilled my order.  When this happens, Walmart will choose a similar item for your to approve when they arrive at your car. I was able to read the labels and make sure I wanted them. I rejected a few things, which were taken off my order and refunded back to my card.

Along with approving substitutions, your personal shoppers will show you any bread, produce, and meat before bagging it. Walmart Grocery shoppers are supposed to get “first pick” of these items so they’re fresh. I had to admit that everything looked better than what I’d see at my usual grocery store.

What did I think of the Walmart Grocery service overall?

This freaking rocks!

I got at least 1.5 hours back on my grocery shopping day. I can order what we need after the kids go to bed, or at nap time, or both (I actually filled my cart up over the course of a few days). Doing this at home gave me the chance to think twice about what I was purchasing. And I could keep track of how much I was going to spend because my total was easy to see at the top of my shopping list. At check out, I chose my pick up time and a Walmart Grocery associate called to let me know when my order was ready. I called them when I parked in my designated Walmart Grocery parking spot and stayed until I spied who was wheeling out my groceries (10 crates, compared to 5-6 like the cars around me, ha!).

This service means I can drop my kids off at pre-school, pick up our groceries, unload them and pick the boys back up, thereby increasing family time even more. And even if I had to bring my kids with me, I was the only one who needed to get out of my car, but I stayed with it the entire time.

As for saving money…I didn’t impulse shop, so I know I saved. I think I saved between $25-$50 on this trip compared to what I would have spent shopping at grocery store I usually go to. The only things I wish I could have done was use coupons and ear gas points. But the convenience is priceless.

I’ll definitely be using Walmart Grocery again. I’m not sure how exclusively I’ll use it, but it’s a service I’ll be using for sure when Mr Boots has to work weekends or I find myself wanting to put family time over errand time.

If you already shop at Walmart and are familiar with their products, this is definitely worth a try. Feel free to use my referral link and we’ll each save $10 on our next shopping order!

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