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Microblog Mondays: Getting Ready

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I’m simultaneously getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas today.

This morning the boys helped me clean up the fire place so I could put up a few Christmas decorations.

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A few of G’s Thanksgiving crafts also adorn the mantle 🙂 Also? If anyone has any tips for getting rid of that gawd-awful efflorescence, please let me know. I swear we’ve done everything our chimney sweep suggested and it’s just gotten worse.

I haven’t taken our Christmas boxes down; I stood up on a ladder and grabbed what I could out of boxes which are in the loft in the garage. This is just the start of what our mantle looks like for Christmas, but already the lights have cheered me up little a bit. I also strung some up around the entrance way between the living room and play room. Those lights have 16 different settings and the boys are having a good time trying to decide which twinkling sequence they like best.

G really wanted to put the tree up, and I’m extremely tempted. However, I don’t know where to put it this year. We’ve gained a few more pieces of furniture in the places we’ve put it in the past. But it will go up this weekend. I need more little lights around the house.

Once I got the boys settled in their rooms for nap time, I dug out the place settings Mr Boots and I received for our wedding. We got married six years ago and have never used any of it. I didn’t even have anything to put our china on display until this summer. Most everything is out of the garage, but still in its original packaging. It’s still so shiny and new. Part of me feels hesitant to use it because it won’t ever look so shiny again. But mostly, I’m excited. I’ve been waiting six years for a house and an excuse to use it. Thanksgiving is perfect.

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It seems more friends than usual are getting ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving this year. Driving around the neighborhood, we’ve also noticed more lights and candy canes on display than usual for this time of the month. There’s been so much doom and gloom in the world this month it makes me wonder if this spike is our way of trying to cheer ourselves up a little bit.

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