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Fall 2016 Consignment Sale Finds

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It’s consignment sale season! My favorite time of year that luckily rolls around twice 🙂 This time I had to dig through closets and bins to determine what winter clothes the boys are in need of. I was good too – I made a list of what I needed to shop for.

And then totally forgot it.

It’s really hard to think about winter when it’s 90 at 10am, which is what my car’s thermometer read on the way to the building the consignment sale was being held in. When I arrived just after the doors opened, the 200 shopping bags made available to shoppers were already taken. I brought nothing, so I carried by load around a hot field house. This might have been a good thing, because I was able to think more carefully about my choices since I had to carry what I took off the rack.

By the time I dumped everything onto the check out counter, the front of my shirt was wet with sweat. It’s worth it though. I came out with what could have been more than $200 worth of clothes for about $100.

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I’ll admit, I have not taken the time to really figure out what size clothes G is wearing. Depending on the brand, he could be a 4T, 5T, XS (4/5), or a S (5/6). I know he’s in a 5T pant as he outgrew his 4T jeans at the start of the summer. I had a hard time finding jeans in 5T, so I ended up with a lot of 5s.

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PJs were not on my “Must Buy” list, but when I found a pair of pajama bottoms I didn’t pass them up. G normally wears a white undershirt and comfy bottoms, so I really can’t always justify buying PJ sets for him. Finding pajama bottoms without a top is not an easy task, so I snagged these up when I found them.

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G has a small collection of shirts that were too big for him last year. They were gifts which he originally turned his nose up at, but I plan on having him look through them to see if he changes his mind. Since I completely dropped the ball on that before heading to the consignment sale, I ended up getting him some shirts. Two of them are holiday specific, so I don’t see them being worn all winter long. I also got two dressy shirts for the preschool Christmas program or in case we get family pictures taken.

Fall 2016 Consignment Sale Finds via muddybootsanddiamonds.comThe shirts ranged from 5T to S (5/6), so I might end up stashing some away for when L grows into them or possibly next year when G grows a bit more. Oh, and one has a tag, so that will probably end up getting stashed in the hopes that L does not have an aversion to tags when he’s older.

Jeans for G was my top priority, but second to that was finding him a winter coat. It looked like most of the winter coats had already been snagged by the early shoppers, but I did find one from Old Navy, along with a wind breaker which I’m hoping will fit him in the spring.

My arms were too full to do much more shopping by the time I got around to the Halloween costumes, but G spotted a Buzz Lightyear one that should fit him. Even if he doesn’t wear it for Halloween, it can go in our dress up box. (G says he gets two Halloweens so he can wear Buzz for one and his TMNT costume for the other — I’m assuming he’s thinking of getting dressed up for Halloween at school and to go trick-or-treating — so maybe he really will wear it outside the house!)

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I didn’t need a whole lot for L because he’s got a bin of clothes from his older brother. Since I forgot my Must Buy list at home I didn’t realize I needed to find a winter coat for him too. After some puzzling, I realized the coat G used to play outside in the snow/cold was actually a size too big. It’s been put away in the appropriately sized box, but it left L without a coat. I ended up going back to the sale the next day and found one for $8.

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I was in a crowd of people looking at 3T clothes, so I didn’t look as hard as I probably should have in this section. I was hot and trying to juggle the pile I had accumulated for G. I wanted L to have a few shirts that weren’t passed down from his brother, but didn’t find many I liked. He also needed jeans for school, but I wasn’t very successful finding many of those either. One pair of jeans also came with sweat pants which we don’t really need. I decided I’d hit up Once Upon a Child once the boys start school.

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Despite forgetting my list, I was pretty pleased with what I came home with!

Do you shop consignment sales? What is on your Must Buy list this season?

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