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Gettin’ Fit Friday #14

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In my last Gettin’ Fit Friday I said I was going to give the 21 Day Fix a shot. Weeell, that didn’t happen. I did two workouts and then managed to pull something in my left leg in my flexibility class. I was being overly ambitious with my split and when my instructor came around to have me push up against her and then help me ease down further I was anything but gentle on myself. I sunk down and there was a very loud crunching sound. I spent two weeks resting my leg, but when I decided to get back to PiYo I realized whatever I did was going to need much longer than two weeks to heal.

I forced myself to go, though I eased up on the flexibility classes for a bit. I do think the PiYo classes helped a bit and I thought about trying it daily since I had the Beachbody DVDs. Then I hit a slump where I didn’t feel motivated to do anything. At all. Housework. Blogging. Working out. Everything took a hit. It didn’t help that we’ve had a few illnesses thrown in as well.

I’m convinced I suffer from a mild form of seasonal depression because when the weather got warmer I started moving around more, as I do almost every year. I got out in the yard and weeded the flower beds. I transplanted flowers in a sad attempt at landscaping our front yard. L is walking and running and being outside with him is a lot more enjoyable for me than it has been the last two years.

I knew I started moving more because my step count on my FitBit was higher. But it didn’t click just how well I was doing until this week when I finally hit 200 Miles in my Run The Year challenge. When I looked back at January and February, I hardly broke 3 miles a day. This week I hit 3+ miles about four times.

Run the Year 200 miles

I have a LOT of catching up to do, since I need to be hitting 5 miles a day to successfully complete this challenge. But for a while 200 miles seemed impossible, so I’m pretty excited about this.

Now that everyone seems relatively healthy, I’m making a bigger effort to walk at least 3 miles a day. On the days G doesn’t have school, I try to get us out of the house by going on a walk during snack time. I’m easing back into PiYo, Flexibility, and Pole at the fitness studio. I took my first class in 2.5 weeks on Tuesday and, man, it was rough. But it turned out the break might have been good for me because I had a much easier time getting into this back bend:

Back bend via

My splits though…My heart breaks every time I’ve attempted a left split since my injury. I have no idea what I did to that leg, exactly, but it’s going to take a while to get flexible on that side again.

Splits via

If I’m honest with myself, I’m still in a slump. I’m still not motivated. I’m trying to organize this year’s Climb Out of the Darkness in my city and I don’t have the motivation I did last year. Blogging is taking a huge hit and that makes me sad.

I’m really hoping that by getting out and doing things now that the weather is getting nicer (maybe Tuesday, because we’re apparently getting 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow night!?!) I’ll start finding my mojo again.

What do you do when you hit a slump? Do you find your motivation picks up when the weather gets nicer?

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