Gettin’ Fit Friday #12: 2016 Goals

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Somehow, between all the craziness the last month an a half has brought and the holidays and not working out, I’ve LOST weight. I’m now below what I weighed when I got pregnant with L. I went into December hoping to maintain my weight, but actually lost the 3lbs I secretly hoped to lose.

I’m eating horribly and the only working out I’ve done has been the PiYo and flexibility classes at my fitness studio 1-2 times a week. I never cracked open Hip Hop Abs; it’s sitting under the PiYo DVD which is sitting under a pile of papers on our kitchen counter. None of this is good wellness-wise, even though the scale has made me smile lately.

In fact, the scale might say I have lost weight, but my bra, the one thing that started fitting WELL when I did the PiYo/Running challenge in October, has gotten a little more snug. So I’ve learned that the scale might go down, but I can gain fat back. I was happier when the opposite was true. The smile on my face when I weigh myself lasts until I put on my bra.

I just bought the 21 Day Fix program. I was going to wait, but I decided to get it before I blew what little money I had left on something that wasn’t going to make me feel good about myself. Hopefully it arrives by next Thursday so I can start the program next Friday, syncing up with this blog series perfectly. This is one program I’ve been excited to try because it’s worked for so many people (err, bloggers) I know (err, follow). After having success with PiYo, I’m sure 21 Day Fix won’t disappoint.

I’ve been reflecting on what I accomplished in 2015 and what I want to accomplish in 2016. I’m finding that I have specific goals for several areas: life in general, family, blogging, and wellness. I have a bunch of lists written out: on my blog, in my head, and on paper. Like a gazillion other people, I want to lose another 5-10 pounds this year, but there are other things I’d like to do (and need to do) to accomplish that goal. I’ve learned that breaking down a broad goal (losing weight) can be helpful if I break it down into smaller pieces. So here’s a(nother) list!

My Fitness/Wellness Goals for 2016

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Lose 5-10lbs

Run two 5K races

Complete Run the Year 2016 (this is a referral link. I’ll get $5 for each successful referral)

Eat out LESS

Drink water MORE

See a dermatologist

Visit the dentist 2x

Attend a class at my fitness studio 2x a week

Buy a double jogging stroller

Successfully complete C25K

Complete 21 Day Fix

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Estimated BMI (from this website): 23.9

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  1. Drink 24oz of water a day (at least!)
  2. PiYo 2x, DVD or class, JUST DO IT!

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Do you have any wellness/fitness goals you’re hoping to reach in 2016? I’d love to hear about them! I’d also love to hear about your favorite 21 Day Fix recipes if you have any.

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