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2016 Done List: A Year in Review

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Last year I wrote two goal posts for 2016: 16 in 2016 and a Wellness Goals. Some things got accomplished. Some didn’t. Actually, the “didn’ts” totally outweigh the “dids.” So, instead of writing about what I wanted to do and whether or not I accomplished it, I’m listing what got done in 2016. Some of these things didn’t even make it on my lists as goals. They just happened and are worth acknowledging.

Reflecting on what was accomplished instead of what wasn't done | A Done List: 2016 Review via

Reflecting on what was accomplished and not what wasn't | A Done List: 2016 in Review via

* I bought this double jogging stroller (affiliate) which did make me walk/run more. It meant I could take both boys on jogs/runs while Mr Boots worked – so there were no excuses if he worked late or weekends.

* I ran one 5K and earned an actual medal. I signed up for a second race for Mr Boots’ work, but an inclement weather outlook and the fact it was an hour away made Mr Boots cancel.

* I logged 1009.1 miles on Run the Year. Not even close to the 2016 miles I wanted to run/walk. 5 miles a day is harder than it sounds!!

* I organized and led my city’s Climb Out of the Darkness walk for the second year in a row. It grew a lot from 2015!

Climb Out of the Darkness Team Virginia Fredericksburg 2016 | 2016 Done List: A Year in Review via

* I wrote a guest post for Postpartum Progress. I was so incredibly honored when they told me they wanted to publish it.

* I went to the dentist and was (shockingly) cavity free! I found a new one and liked him so much more than the one I was going to previously. My next appointment has been set and I can see myself getting back into going twice a year.

* We got family photos taken! I enjoyed this more than going to a studio.

2016 Done List: A Year in Review via
Photo Credit: Giraffe Tower Photography Kristin was so patient with us as the boys weren’t very interested in having their pictures taken

* We took our first family vacation. It was just a weekend, but I was so excited to take the boys to the beach. We’ve been on trips, but they have been for family events or visiting friends. I think it stressed Mr Boots out, but it gave me such joy to introduce the boys to the ocean.

A list of what was accomplished in 2016. | 2016 Done List: A Year in Review via
I want a do-over though because it was cold and rainy the entire weekend.

* I used my DSLR more often and edited more in Photoshop Elements. Mr Boots gave me money for Christmas for a new camera, and I ordered a new (refurbished) Nikon D5500 (affiliate) earlier this week. I cannot wait for it to arrive!!

* I graduated from therapy for my postpartum anxiety. This was my biggest accomplishment. I’ve been in talk therapy off an on since I graduated college, but not once did I stick with it long enough for a therapist to dismiss me. I still have bad days, but I feel a lot better than I did a year ago, and much much better than I did two years ago. It reiterated to me that maternal mental illness is temporary with the right help.

I hate therapy. Even though I know it’s beneficial, I have quit going before I probably should have. I’ve quit when it got too hard. I quit because it was too expensive. I quit because the therapist wasn’t a good fit. I quit because I moved. But I need more than a prescription for Zoloft to get me through the first year of my kids’ lives, so off I went when I felt I was descending down the Rabbit Hole after L was born — because @postpartumprogress helped me realize I needed to be my own advocate when it came to my maternal mental health. This was my 6th time in therapy, for one reason or another. Ive never had a therapist dismiss me because I made great strides and didn’t need them anymore. Until today. Today I heard the words “If you think you’re ready, you can stop coming. But I think you are.” After almost a year and a half, I was told I could see my therapist as needed, but if I didn’t need her again that was okay. For a year and a half this woman has provided me a safe place to share my intrusive thoughts, vent about parenting, let me cry over L’s challenges, and help me see how strong my mother’s intuition really is. She taught me that a good therapist, one you click with, makes a huge difference and is worth every penny — and even the 3 hour total commute to and from sessions. She understood my postpartum anxiety and gave me resources to learn more about what I was going through — and how common it is. This made me see how much of a mess I really was during G’s first year, when I was too scared to discuss my intrusive thoughts with anyone. I went from being an 8 or 9 on the anxiety scale to a consistent 3 or 4 (normal for me). I opted not to reminisce about my journey at today’s appointment, but I know where I am now is a much better place than where I started, and that deserves some ice cream. In the chocolate covered waffle cone. I still struggle with anxiety, always have and always will, but today I can celebrate overcoming one of the hardest parts of my #motherhood journey. #anxiety #ppa #postpartum #mentalhealth

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OMGoodness, re-reading that caption has made me bawl.

Tell me, what would you put on your 2016 Done List?

8 thoughts on “2016 Done List: A Year in Review

  1. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing! I was just getting down on myself last night for being basically unemployed for over a year… My husband ran through a list of things I HAVE done over the past year (including giving birth to our beautiful daughter), and I instantly felt a bit better. I may be making a done list myself!

    1. Congratulations on your newest addition 🙂 I can’t remember where I first saw the idea of a Done List, but I immediately thought it was a good way to put things in a better perspective!

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