Staying Organized in 2016: Planners

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Between Mr Boots’ not-so-consistent work schedule, L’s EI appointments, doctor appointments for all of us, and G’s school schedule I’ve definitely needed to rely on more than just my brain to remember everything we have going on. My phone isn’t enough; I actually need our schedules in three places: my phone, my planner, and our Family Calendar.

Why three places? Well, I’m not super awesome at keeping any of the three current at one time and I don’t always carry my planner with me when I am out. Between the three (and countless appointment cards I insist on getting while I’m plugging in appointments in my phone) I have a pretty good idea of what is going on in our life. This year, I hope to be a little more organized and sit down once a week to update all three scheduling devices (haaaaaa! maybe. maybe I will.)

Staying Organized with Planners via Starting in the fall, I usually start my hunt for a physical planner. I’m picky. I need to be able to see the entire month at a glance, as this is where my planning takes place. Until very recently, those daily/weekly pages went untouched. It wasn’t until I started the PiYo/Running challenge that I realized I needed to write a daily to-do list so I would keep myself motivated to fit in exercise every day. Last year I went with a planner I found at Target, but this year I decided to do something very different.

I bought The Happy Planner. I saw this planner on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s planner world meets creativity/scrapbook world and I wanted one. They are sold online and at Michael’s (and possibly Hobby Lobby, but please don’t quote me on that). If you live near a Michael’s and they have them in stock I’d say it’s better to use a coupon and purchase it there like I did. I snatched mine up at Michael’s when I found a 60% in the paper off coupon a few months ago.

Staying Organized in 2016: Planner my Happy Planner Create365 2016 via

This planner might prove to be an expensive way to plan. There are all sorts of accessories, stickers and inserts you can buy online and in stores to turn ordinary planning into a creative project. I opted to buy folders in hopes of keeping medical and Climb receipts organized and ended up needing the larger rings to hold everything together (again, with a coupon at Michael’s). This planner is HUGE now. I won’t lie, I’m a little intimidated by this one now that I’m about to need it.

Staying Organized in 2016: Planner Happy Planner 2016 Create365 pink heart rings via

For Christmas my brother- and sister-in- law gave me a Posh Coloring Planning Calendar. I’d never seen one of these before and for a moment I was sad I invested in the Happy Planner. However, one thing I’d like to do in 2016 is write down one or two things every day that went well or made me happy. So I am making this my Good Things Journal. I think it will be nice to color while I reflect.

Staying Organized in 2016: Planner. I plan to use this Posh Coloring 2016 Planner as a way to record one good thing that happened to me every day in 2016 via

Apparently the same sister-in-law asked our MiL for coloring books for Christmas (as did I!) and we each got a set of these Fine Line Color Gel Pens to go with our new coloring books. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, and fun, colorful pens are one way to do this.

Last, but not least, I can’t go without an old school calendar. This is our Family Calendar. I wait as long as possible to buy this as they usually go on sale at craft stores in December. The one I bought is available on Amazon for about $9, but I snatched it up at AC Moore for a whole lot less. It cost me 95 cents with a 40% off coupon! It stays on our fridge so anyone can take a glance at what we have going on each month.

Staying Organized in 2016: Planners. This tropical islands calendar is what I will use as our Family Calendar, which will stay on our fridge so everyone can see it. via

I’m a fan of color coding what we do on the Family Calendar, specifically using fine point Sharpie markers. Everyone in the family has their own color. Then I use different colors for Family Time, Anniversaries, and Birthdays.

What are you using to stay on top of your 2016 schedule? Do you prefer a digital planner or pen(cil) and paper?

8 thoughts on “Staying Organized in 2016: Planners

    1. I have supplies for a bullet journal, but I think what stopped me is that I wasn’t sure how I wanted mine set up 🙂 I’m still trying to figure that out! The ones I’ve seen look awesome though, so it’s still on my mind to try at some point. I love the idea of using one for your fitness/wellness journey.

  1. I use the Passion Planner and it’s the best planner I think I’ve ever used. It’s my favorite thing and it’s beautiful! I got the “Stay Golden” version this year and I’m so happy 🙂

    1. I had never heard of the Passion Planner and I’ve finally gotten around to taking a look at it. I loved the Stay Golden cover!!! It looks like a great one if you have goals you are working on. I could see it being useful to keep me focused on growing my blog!

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