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Holiday Dress Shopping With thredUP

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The company Mr Boots works for is having their annual holiday party next month. I’ve looked forward to this night every year since G was born because it’s been an excuse to go out with just Mr Boots for a few hours. The last two years we’ve been able to book a room at the hotel and spend the night away from the kids!

This will be the first year since being pregnant with G that I won’t be pregnant or nursing. I’ll be able drink. I won’t have to worry about pumping and how to store the pumped milk (we had to bring a cooler with us last year).

I’m excited!

Anyway, I decided I needed a dress. I am really not in love with the ones I have and the one I do love, I wore last year. I wanted something new to wear this year, especially because I had lost some weight and inches from the Running/PiYo challenge. But I didn’t really have the time to go shopping for a dress and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress I would wear a handful of times.

I’d heard awesome things about thredUP so I decided to give them a try.

thredUP is an online consignment store. They sell gently used (or new!) clothes for women and children. My ears perk up at the word “consignment.” If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ve seen a few posts on the bargains I’ve found at local children’s consignment sales. When I looked through ThredUp for the first time, I was blown away at the brand named clothes being sold for 50-90% off their retail price.

Holiday Dress Shopping with ThredUp

It was had to narrow down my dress choices. Even after I chose the sizes and style I was looking for, there were over 1,500 dresses to choose from. I spent about two weeks picking out three; I wanted so many of them! My cart expired twice (thredUP will hold your cart for 24 hours before releasing your items for others to buy).

I had no idea what size I needed, which I think was part of my trouble in narrowing down dresses. I knew from my jeans and shorts it would be anywhere between size 8-12. I ended up with three dresses – size M, 10, and 12 – in my cart. On a whim I looked at shoes and found a pair of 4″ heels I liked enough to add to my cart. My total was less than $100 and using a 40% Off for New Customers coupon brought it down to $62. Because these clothes were gently used or new, I saved over $200!

My order arrived within the week. I was so excited to see the polka dot box waiting on my porch for me when I got home from grocery shopping.

ThredUp Box via

I tried on the Vince Camuto shoes first and fell in love. Those were keepers.

Vince Camuto Heels Retail: $119.00 ThredUp: $26.99
Vince Camuto Heels Retail: $119.00 ThredUp: $26.99

Next I tried on the Cynthia Steffe dress. It was way to small on my midsection, which made me sad. This was the dress I was hoping would be a keeper.

Holiday Dress Shopping with ThredUP via
Cynthia Steffe (new with tags) Retail: $49.99 ThredUp: $15.49

Then I tried on the J Crew dress. For some reason I thought it was going to be knee length instead of calf length. It fit nicely, but I wasn’t in love with how long it was. (However, I was in love with how much I saved on it!)

Holiday Dress Shopping with ThredUp via
J. Crew Retail: $148 ThredUp: $31.99

Then I tried the Angie casual dress. I loved how skinny I looked in this dress, but the zipper didn’t work well and I felt I needed some high-waist Spanx underwear to hide a little bit of belly pooch – which I wasn’t going to buy. When I tried it on with a strapless bra I just wasn’t happy with how the top half looked when I had my arms at my side.

Holiday Dress Shopping with ThredUp via
Angie Retail: $68.00 ThredUp: $17.49

It took a week for me to narrow down my choice to the J Crew dress. I know I said I wasn’t crazy about the length, but it isn’t the end of the world. I had my heart set on a knee-length dress for Mr Boots’ holiday party, but it will work just fine. I’m excited about how much I saved on it (over $100!) and it fit the best. I considered and reconsidered keeping the Angie dress “just in case” I lost more weight and it fit one day. But I’m trying not to do things like that. At some point I’d really like to only have pieces that fit right now. Not a day that might never come to pass.

Once I made my decision, I went online and printed out my return slip for the other two dresses. I’m using the same box my order came in, though you don’t have to. Since I need new jeans and L needs some 2T pants, I decided to go ahead and receive store credit for my returns. Once that is processed I’ll be taking a harder look at jeans for myself and L (here is my post about that experience)!

But gosh, guys. My outfit should have been over $200 and I got it for less than $60. THIS is why I love consignment shops and sales!

If you’d like to use my special invite link, you’ll get $10 to spend at ThredUp and I’ll receive $10 for referring you. It’s a win-win!

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