30 Days of Lists: September 2015 {Days 1-5}

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I started off really, really well with 30 Days of Lists, a list challenge I signed up for back in September. It was pretty easy because L was still taking naps twice a day and I could convince G to draw or make a craft during the morning nap while I made a list from the day’s prompt.

But then school started and L started transitioning from two naps to one. What was once quiet/creative time was now spent trying to keep an obviously tired 19 month old busy until afternoon nap time. I got to day 19 and the priority of #30Lists shifted downwards. I’m still working on completing this challenge.

Even though I’m not done, I find myself wanting to join the 30 Days of Lists December list challenge. I loved seeing the different ways people listed on Instagram and our private Facebook group. Some wrote directly in their day planners, others used phone apps like WordSwag or Typorama. It didn’t have to be done in a notebook or a special scrapbook.

I did buy a little notebook for my lists. I wanted to be ambitious in making my lists pretty (stickers, cut outs, fun stuff like that), but that never happened. So I stuck with Sharpies, Crayola markers and a few stickers. I even used watercolor a few times.

The days I did list, I found myself trying to doodle a bit more. It made me realize I miss my creative side very much. I think that’s why I want to sign up for the December challenge. If I start out strong (as I tend to in long-term challenges) then doodling/creating will be good for me when the stress of the holidays start up for me.

You may have seen a few of my lists on Instagram, but I think I promised to share them here too. Here’s Day 1-5:

Day 1: What You Might Have Heard About Me

#30Lists Day 1 2015 via

Day 2: Today Can Best Be Described As

#30Lists September 2015 Day 2 via

Day 3: Favorite Days of the Year

#30Lists September 2015 via

Day 4: What Keeps Me Up At Night

#30Lists September 2015 Day 4 via

Day 5: Movies That Make Me Laugh

#30Lists September 2015 Day 5 via

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