September: A Month of Firsts

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I spent a little bit of time reflecting over what happened last month and I realized some firsts happened in September.

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First day of school for G.

This wasn’t exactly new territory for us since he was in school last year. But this was the first year he understood what school was.

Being three means I don’t walk into the classroom and help G put his belongings in his cubby. I say goodbye at the door and his teacher helps him with his belonging. Eventually the kids are supposed to be able to walk in  and put their stuff away themselves.

G is my anxious child; I’m realizing this is a fact now. The day before he told me he was “a little bit nervous” about going to school. The morning of he told me the same thing and then threw a fit in the front yard.

It made me want to cry. I get how he is feeling. School was always awful for me, especially the first couple of days, and triggered a lot of anxiety in me.

I still find drop off to be a bit hectic, but G’s teachers have said his personality is starting to shine through which makes me feel better. He has class with some of the same boys and girls as last year, and I think that’s helped with the transition back. The only day he has come home a bit upset was the day his friend had to leave early.

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First hair cut for L. 

I was NOT ready for L to get a hair cut. I loved his wisps and curls. On a good day his hair reminded me of Rob Thomas’ from the early Matchbox 20 days. I loved it!

But I will admit that L’s hair looked mullet-ish on his not-so-curly days and I was getting tired of hearing Mr Boots say we could start putting L’s hair in a pony tail.

Watching big brother get his hair cut.
Watching big brother get his hair cut.

Mr Boots had been talking about taking both boys for a cut for months and finally decided it was time. So I begrudgingly went with the boys to the barber shop up the street. I may nor may not have felt a little choked up as Lindsay the Barber started snipping away his curls with her scissors.

Sucking on a lollipop and getting his hair did
One of his little curls is now in a banking envelope next to the envelope containing G’s curls from his first hair cut. I have no idea what to do with them. I just know I can’t part with them.

First race for me.

After four years of talking the talk, I ran my  first 5K. In the rain.

Wilderness Campgrounds Pink Heals 5k

How did your September go? Did any firsts happen for you or your family?

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    1. I asked him that question about five times because I couldn’t believe he meant it. He gave that answer each time!! 🙂

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