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No Nuts for L: Coconut Allergy

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I had read conflicting reports on whether or not coconuts counted as tree nuts, so since L’s blood test to determine the severity of his peanut allergy, I’ve done my best to avoid them because the nurse I spoke with regarding the results wasn’t much help in answering my questions. Anyway, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

L had a six month check up with the allergist earlier this week so I asked about coconuts. The allergist didn’t seem concerned, saying they aren’t technically a nut and L was probably okay. But he offered to test him for my peace of mind. I decided to go ahead and test for it.

It turns out L is allergic to coconut too.

This surprised the doctor and I think it surprised me too. I started cooking with coconut oil back when L was a baby. I stopped when my jar ran out when he was about a year old. I also tried treating L’s eczema with coconut oil. I didn’t notice any adverse affects, but I also don’t know how these allergies affect L. Have they been the reason why his eczema has been hard to keep at bay (which would make sense as to why the coconut oil didn’t do anything to help)? Or would a real reaction cause respiratory distress?

We go back in another six months to and the allergist will probably give us orders to get L’s blood tested again to see if his numbers change. The allergist went over specifics from L’s last blood test and seemed confident that L will outgrow his peanut allergy.

I was feeling confident too, but L’s surprise coconut allergy has left me feeling a little skeptical of any outgrowing.

Coconut and Almonds Muddy Boots and Diamonds

So, now we avoid anything and everything with “nut” as an ingredient. This means lotions and soaps too. I’m determined to NOT use the epi pen.

Even though we’ve known about L’s nut allergy since February, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. I’m still not used to reading all the labels when I go shopping. I’m not used to telling people to please don’t give L bites of food.

And speaking of food, I could really use some yummy, healthy recipes that don’t involve coconut oil or almond flour. Pinterest doesn’t seem to be of use to me now 😉

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