What We’re Reading: Children’s Books

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Between birthdays and holidays, the boys have received a few new children’s books, which is awesome! I’m horrible at making time to read to them during the day. I’ve only started reading to L before his naps, and will soon be adding a before-bedtime story when I stop nursing him before bed. L still thinks books are for eating, while G has always seemed to know that books are for reading. I guess my parents did a better job at making sure they read to him throughout the day than I have with L.

Anyway, our newest additions seem to be the favorites for the time being:
What We're Reading: Children's Books via

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Warning! This book makes noise. It’s got a button you can press to hear a giggle sound. Unfortunately, L doesn’t have a big library like his big brother, who got a ton of books at his baby shower. I was happy he received a few books for Christmas and his birthday. Granma and Granddaddy gave him the book Giggle! recently and it’s a quick one to read when I’m trying to get him down for a nap. He knows that pressing the button results in the giggles, which make him smile (adorable!), but he’s still learning how much pressure he should put on the button to make it work. So, even though this book is a sound maker, I guess it’s teaching L some dexterity?

I Am a Bunny is a book that L received recently. I had I Am a Mouse growing up (which, I’m not sure they publish any more?), so I like having something similar to read to L. At the part where the bunny watches the frogs, I’ve started bouncing L on my lap and saying “ribbit!” He thinks this is funny and will bounce on his own when I stop. It’s another quick read, and I’ll read this one in addition to Giggle! if L doesn’t seem super tired before his nap.

My parents bought the boys Freddy the Frogcaster and Freddy the Frogcaster and the Big Blizzard for Valentine’s Day. G has taken a liking to Freddy the Frogcaster and the Big Blizzard, I’m assuming because it’s got snow and we’ve currently got snow. I really liked how it discusses what should be included in your Emergency Kit and it’s given me a chance to talk that sort of thing over with G. There is a section in the back that explains how blizzards form, which I find interesting, but G is still too young to understand all that. I skip that part when I read this book to him, and so far he’s only asked to look at the pictures. This is also the first book G has wanted to know what the words are, so I usually have to point my finger to each word as I say it.


A few weeks ago there was a train show at the expo center. G loves trains, so we decided to check it out. He was obsessed with one train table, so while he sat and watched the trains chug around a track, I walked L around in the stroller to keep him from having a before-nap meltdown. I stopped at one booth that had a few Thomas the Tank Engine toys and this book caught my eye: Thomas the Tank Engine: The Complete Collection. I got super excited when I saw it; my brother had a few of the original stories (like these) and my mom still has them. They’re what I read to G when we stay at my parent’s house. The seller wanted $70 for it, which was a huge let down. I had seen the book before, and even had it saved to an Amazon wish list, so I took out my phone to see if $70 was robbery or pretty accurate.

It turns out it was pretty accurate for a copy in new condition, as this one was. Apparently, this was a limited edition; some people were selling it for over $100. I walked away and then came back. The seller asked if I needed anything. I asked her if she was cash only or accepted credit cards. She said she was cash only, and I was super bummed. I only had $3 on me. I showed the book to Hubby when he managed to tear G away from the train table. He wasn’t too keen on the price, but asked if I wanted it. Um, yes! Especially after finding out 1) that was a decent price and 2) they don’t publish the book any more. The seller knocked $10 off her asking price and we used up the cash we had between us to buy it. Never in my life would I have imagined spending that much money on a book for my children, but I don’t regret it. We’re learning a lot about the characters (Henry used to be blue! Sir. Topham Hatt is called The Fat Controller! The engines weren’t always numbered!). I might be enjoying this book more than anyone else at the moment. If you liked old-school Thomas the Tank Engine (Shining Time Station, anyone?) or want to know just how cheeky Thomas is or how grumpy Gordon can be (the engines are made out to be too nice these days), read the original stories by Rev. W. Awdry.

I’m starting to keep an eye out for some books for L. What books do your children like to read? I’d love some recommendations!

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