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Sticker Shock

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Give a toddler stickers and you’ll find them in all sorts of places.

The coffee table:

sticker coffee table

Their toys:

sticker on toys

The carpet: 

sticker on rug

The hardwood floor:

old sticker on floor

I was too pregnant to try and clean this up when G stuck it on the floor last year (yes, last year and no, I’m not ashamed to admit that). Since then I’ve been too forgetful to clean it up. And too lazy. Why bother when another one will probably replace it?

Our socks:

snowflake sticker on red sock

At least it isn’t a random piece of cheese or fruit bar or something you actually notice when you’re walking around.

The door:

sticker on door

This was puzzling. It’s too high for the boys to have put it there on purpose. My guess is a sticker ended up on one of our shirts and it was transferred to the door.

The baby’s hands:


Which leads, of course, to the baby’s mouth:


And my favorite thus far, the baby’s stomach. Where it didn’t want to come off:



Do you let your young children play with stickers? What has been the oddest place you’ve found them?

2 thoughts on “Sticker Shock

  1. We do let our son play with stickers. He LOVES them! However, we have tacked up a big piece of shelving paper and told him this is his place where he can stick all stickers. Or he can ask for a piece of paper to stick stickers on (usually we sit at the table together and play for that bit). And on occasion, stickers do go on clothes. Thankfully we’ve not had any weirder places than that.
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