Project Repat: I’m Getting a Quilt Made! {Sponsored}

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I first found out about t-shirt quilts from Pinterest. Because that’s where you find all sorts of fun, cool things to do with stuff you don’t use anymore.

I kind of have a t-shirt obsession. If I go to a concert, if I attend an event, I feel like I need the shirt to remind myself of the good times I had. Some I’ve worn so much they’ve faded and become so full of holes they aren’t wearable. Others I’ve (grudgingly) donated to Goodwill. But there are a few shirts I have only worn once or twice, but can’t get myself to part with them no matter how much space they’re taking up. The biggest offender? My sorority shirts. I don’t have a reason to wear the pretty letters across my chest like I did in college, so they’ve sat in various bags.I considered sending them to the ladies at my alma mater, hoping they’d be able to wear them, but some of the shirts have a special meaning to them. That’s why I kept them instead of giving them away to other sisters at my Senior Sendoff.

The t-shirt quilt was my “AH-HAH” moment. I could make a quilt! So, when we moved into our house and I was pulling clothes out of bags and hanging them on hangers I set my sorority shirts aside. And they’ve sat. And sat. And sat. Waiting for me to cut them up, arrange them, and sew them.

It’s not like this would be a hard project. Just cut parts out into squares and sew them on the sewing machine. But then I’d need backing and fabric for the back of the quilt. Oh, and I need a sewing machine. But my mom has one, I could borrow that! This wouldn’t be too hard to do in a day or two.

That’s been my thought process multiple times in the last couple of years. It isn’t hard to sew squares together to form a quilt. It’s so basic and just my skill level. But the biggest factor is time. Between running after G, nursing L, entertaining them both, and simply knowing that if I started this project they’d be all over me wanting to “help,” I have put it off again and again.

I’ve recently learned about the company Project Repat, which will take your shirts and make them into quilts. They can do what I don’t have time or supplies for at the moment — turning shirts into quilts! I’m working with them to get my sorority shirts made into a lap quilt and I couldn’t be more excited!

I am also loving the fact that the quilts are made in the USA and the company is environmentally conscious as well:

Project Repat Social & Environmental Impact Graphic
Source: Project Repat

Maybe it’s another hormone shift, but this video made me weepy. And makes me wish I had kept EVERY SINGLE T-SHIRT I’ve ever wanted to keep but decided to give away:

And it makes me feel better about hanging onto some of my favorite outfits of G and L’s to eventually turn them into quilts as well!

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