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Letters to L: 11 Months

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Letters to my children via ©Dear L,

You’ll be one year old in a couple of weeks — seriously, where has the time gone?

You’re still pretty go-with-the-flow which is really nice. You’ve gotten more vocal and will definitely let us know when you are displeased. Usually with a high-pitched screech.

Last month brought a couple more firsts your way:

  • Your first visit to Santa. We’re okay for a moment or two before you began crying. I wanted photographer to take a crying picture, but we decided to leave.
  • Your first Christmas! You received a lot of presents and have taken a real liking to a few. Nothing beats boxes and your brother’s toys though. Or the red wagon Santa brought you and G.
  • Your first extended family Christmas party — with great aunts, uncles, and cousins. You handled things pretty well considering it was during nap time and you didn’t nap well. I think Granma enjoyed showing you off.

You’ve started working on new skills:

  • Closing the door to your room at night after you say goodnight to Daddy, just like G used to do. But unlike your brother, you will grab the door and swing it open again so you can smile at Daddy.
  • Standing, though you don’t have much of a desire to put weight on your legs when we stand you up. You aren’t really cruising at this point either.
  • Figuring out how things work. Much to your brother’s dismay, you really like his trains. You’ve also tried plugging the charger cord back into the monitor yourself.

You spent a lot of your 11th month sick. First with a virus and then possibly the flu. You didn’t sleep well during that time and wanted to nurse 1-2 times a night. However, once you started feeling better you slept through the night a few times. I really hope you master sleeping through the night by the time you turn one.

We’ve officially gotten into a routine: I get you up around 7am; nurse and/or breakfast (it depends on whether or not G is up; if he is you won’t nurse); down for a nap sometime between 9-10am (it depends on when you actually woke up and if it’s a preschool day); lunch at 12pm; nurse and down for a nap between 1-1:30pm, cuddles and snack around 2:30/3pm; dinner at 5pm; bath at 6pm; nurse and down for the night around 6:30pm.

This works — for now. Sometimes I can nurse you around 5/6am and you’ll sleep until 7:30am. When I start weaning you, I am worried you’ll be ready for the day at 5am since you won’t have that nursing session anymore. I’m hoping to start delaying your bedtime a little at a time in hopes it will help you sleep later in the morning.

No new teeth, but you’re working on a few! One of your bottom teeth looks like it should break through any day now.

Everything continues to go into your mouth. Everything. Shoes and stickers are a current favorite.

We’re still battling eczema and I’m finding new patches of it on your legs and back. I’m sure the winter weather doesn’t help; we’re all dealing with dry skin right now. Still, I’m feeling at a loss on what to do; we’re putting lotion on you several times a day now. Some days it doesn’t seem so bad, and other days you have a bad flareup. I thought about finding a dermatologist, but I think I’m going to wait until you have your one year appointment. Your doctor suggested allergy testing once you’re a year old and I would like to rule allergies out.

11 Month Stats
Weight: probably around 22lbs
Height: around 30in
Clothes: 18 months, though some of those are tight round the neck/arms. Pants are still too long on you.
Likes: playing catch, Super Why, Peppa Pig, Toy Story, your brother and Daddy, freeze dried yogurt drops, snack time, cuddles
Dislikes: getting dressed, when Daddy leaves the room, when someone has something tastier on their plate than you have on yours, when G gets in your face

11 month old with cupcakes

I still can’t believe how fast this year went, and that in a few weeks I’ll be writing your one year letter!




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