November Thankfulness Challenge: Week 2

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thankfulness challengeAs promised, the post I intended to publish yesterday.

This week I have been thankful for:

Day 9 coffee: I cannot make it through the day without a cup in the morning since having kids. It used to be a treat I gave myself on Friday mornings. Now I’m trying to down 1-2 cups so I’m a somewhat functioning human being. So, Thank You! to whoever discovered that you could make a drink out of those little beans.

Day 10 video monitor: I know I was thankful for this last year, and I continue to be. It is so nice to be able to see what my boys are doing before I enter their rooms when they’re fussing. I can tell if they’re awake, having trouble with something, or are just trying to settle themselves to sleep.

Day 11 pole class: I am thankful for an outlet that lets me see other adults, get fit, and regain confidence. You don’t think you’ll gain confidence through a pole fitness class, but you do. I think this has been just as much of a key factor in helping my postpartum depression and anxiety after my last two pregnancies as Zoloft.

Day 12 medication: Speaking of Zoloft… I am thankful there is something I can take to help my PPD/A that allows me to continue to breastfeed. I am thankful that it keeps me from losing my temper (too often) and keeps my emotions and thoughts on a more even keel.

Day 13 heat: Need I say more? It’s cold around here these days. I’m not looking forward to the high of 35 on Tuesday, so I’m glad we’ll be warm and cozy once G is home from school.

Day 14 music: Listening to music that reflects my mood is sort of like therapy for me. I can cry with it, I can sing (or scream) with it. I love it when I can be in my car alone, music blasting, singing along to it. It helps me release negative feelings I harbor inside me.

Day 15 time alone: I’ve been craving this a lot lately. I don’t always get it when I feel I need it, but I revel in it when I do. I’m thankful that my parents and Hubby encourage it. I’m thankful that my in-laws are willing to take the boys for a day here and there, which allows me to recharge.

What have you been thankful for this week?

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