L’s Birth Story: Leading Up to Delivery Day

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The week L was born was crazy. Strange. I don’t think we had a normal day that entire week. G got bounced between us and Hubby’s parents, due to doctor appointments and hospital visits. When G was with us I wasn’t always up for tolerating his shenanegains. There was a day where G and I were horrible with each other and it really made me upset since I knew my time with just him was getting shorter. Hubby had scheduled to take the Monday and Tuesday off so he could go with me to take G to the dentist and have a break from work. He ended up working only a day and a half that week.


G spent the weekend at his grandparent’s house so Hubby and I could get some things done around the house. Hubby had the task of painting the last bit of stairway and I needed to make a Target run and clean bottles and pump parts.

When Hubby picked G up Sunday morning, G threw up and was having other tummy issues and by the end of Sunday I was clearly sick with some sort of stomach virus. Let me tell you, being sick with something like that while pregnant isn’t fun. It was a little scary to me. By the Monday I was taking Zofran to stop what little I was trying to eat and drink from coming back up.

I also, thankfully, had an appointment with my midwife that day. Dehydration and illness meant decreased fetal movement and I got to listen to the heartbeat for twenty minutes. All was fine. No contractions.


We had chili for dinner and I insisted on doubling the recipe so I could freeze some for when the baby arrived. Hubby decided to casually mention that I didn’t need to double every recipe I made for dinner. We had time before the baby came to prepare meals.


Early Wednesday morning I woke up needing to pee. In rolled over and felt a small gush of fluid. I stood up and there was more. I went to the bathroom, my underwear soaked, and felt fluid running down my leg.

Oh shit, my water broke!

I was excited. And scared. We still had about three and a half weeks before L was due. And my water breaking meant I would be put on a clock to give birth. And my doula was going out of town the next day.

In woke Hubby up and called my midwife, who said to go to the hospital to confirm my waters had broken.

It was 3:15 in the morning. It had snowed. Hubby had to call his parents and ask them to come over to watch G. Then he took a shower and shoveled snow off the driveway and cleared off the truck.

I gathered up the last minute things for my suitcase and G’s. I started feeling contractions and realized I had actually felt one or two mild ones before falling asleep the night before.

I decided to take a shower. Who knew when id get to take one again and I wanted to shave my legs. I gave myself a nice razor burn on the inside of one thigh and had trouble getting the bleeding to stop.

I got dressed and Hubby decided to go into G’s room to grab clothes and the baby monitor for his parents. This woke G up. I tried explaining what was happening, but once I said that Granma was here all he wanted to do was go downstairs and see her. We obliged. It was turning out to be a strange morning anyway.

Hubby and I grabbed snacks and water — things we knew from our Bradley class and speaking to our midwife and doula were okay to have with us. We said goodbye to Hubby’s parents and G (which made me want to cry hysterically) and left for the hospital.

I causally mentioned that since the baby was on his way it was a good thing I doubled the chili recipe. Now we’ll at least have chili to reheat when we don’t have time to make dinner.

Since it was the middle off he night we had to use the ER entrance. There were crews trying to clear snow off the walkways but it was still a dicey walk up the hill from the parking lot.

After I filled out a form, I got wheeled up to the labor and delivery triage desk were I had to fill out another form.

Then I got taken to a triage room. My blood pressure was taken and I got hooked up to the fetal monitor.

A nurse came to speak with us and performed a quick swab test to see if I was leaning amniotic fluid. The test was negative.

Then a doctor came in. I was immediately thrown off; I thought I’d see my midwife. Apparently, I’d only see her if I was admitted for labor. I was not happy about that.

The doctor wanted to perform a ferning test since the quick swab was negative. He took a speculum out, swabbed my Lady Area and realized try didn’t have the slide he needed to wipe the swab on. The nurse wet to get one while the doctor left my Lady Area open wide and exposed in his and Hubby’s line of sight. It hurt too.

I was about to ask the doctor if he could take the speculum out, I mean if I was leaking fluid I couldn’t imagine being left open like that was a good idea, when he realized he didn’t need me exposed anymore. Then he did the most painful internal exam I’d ever received. He told me I was a “1 in te front and closed in the back” so, maybe close to 1cm dilated.

The ferning test came back negative so the doctor wanted an ultrasound performed to make sure I didn’t have a tear somewhere and to measure the amniotic fluid.

While we were waiting Hubby and I watched the fetal monitor. I was getting contractions about every 15-20 minutes now. I was able to breathe through them pretty easily.

The tech came with the ultrasound machine. I was hoping for it to be a little fun, maybe she would point out the parts of the baby. But no. It was strictly business and most of that was checking the placenta and cervix and taking measurements. I did get a quick glimpse of the baby’s face. It looked just like G’s.

The doctor came back and said I had a high level of fluid and everything pointed to no amniotic leak. He said more than likely the baby was sitting on my bladder, pressing on it and making it hard for me I empty it all the way. When he moved or I changed positions the trapped pee would leak out of me. He made it sound like it was a one time thing. I pointed out that it was still happening. He said that was just a part of pregnancy.

He did say that I was definitely having contractions and was in the early stages of labor. Maybe we’d be back later that day or maybe we’d be back in two weeks.

I felt deflated. I was so sure! I was getting myself mentally prepared to have a baby within the next 24 hours.

We went home and were both disappointed that Hubby’s parents hadn’t left he house with G. We wanted to take a nap. Now we felt we should give his parents the nap. It was doing to be a long day.

MiL was surprised to see me walk through the door. “False alarm. I’m apparently peeing myself,” I said.

Throughout the day I continued to have contractions every 20 minutes. Around 10am I felt three more gushes and soaked through an overnight pad. I couldn’t believe I was simply peeing myself, but also felt the doctor was thorough and didn’t think I should be rechecked.

I called my doula and she seemed to agree that the doctor did everything he could to rule out a leak and reiterated that bladder problems were normal. I wanted to know what I needed to do if I did go into active labor while she was out of town and I was told to call her and she’d call her back up doula, but don’t worry because I wasn’t having the baby until she got back.


I told myself on Wednesday that I would call the midwife if I was still leaking. But my contractions slowed to one every hour and I didn’t think I was leaking as badly. My pads were stained pink, but I chalked that up to some bleeding from the internal exam because it really felt like the doctor was forcing fingers in my cervix that didn’t need to be there.

I spent the day Dr Googling amniotic fluid leaks and pregnancy bladder problems. Although I decided not to call the midwife, I couldn’t accept I was having bladder issues. Some people claim that amniotic fluid has a smell, like bleach or semen. The next time I went to the bathroom I smelled the pad. It didn’t really smell like anything.

That evening, I didn’t know what I wanted to eat for dinner. Nothing seemed appealing. I think I picked at my food. I felt off, but I’d had a few days like this before in the last couple weeks so I figured it was just a third trimester feeling.

We went to our last and final Bradley class and Hubby received his official birthing coach card. We reviewed the stages of labor and the physical sign posts for each stage. Then we played a Jeopardy game and I was amazed at how much Hubby retained from class. We ended up winning the game — but mostly due to Hubby’s retained knowledge. I felt distracted the entire class.

Before I hopped into the shower I decided to smell my pad again. This time it did seem to have a smell, maybe slightly bleachy. This freaked me out a little. Although my contractions had slowed down, I felt a couple of strong ones before I fell asleep that night.

Little did I know it was just the start of more to come.

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