Dream Interpretations

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I believe that sometimes your dreams tell you something. I believe that sometimes they help you work out your feelings. I love trying to figure out what my wacky dreams are trying to tell me so I downloaded a dream dictionary app onto my phone so I can look stuff up as soon as I wake up.

And I had a bad dream yesterday morning. Or maybe it was two. I may have woken up and fell back asleep and the dream kinda picked up where it left off. Either way, it was awful.

I was in bed with the blankets covering me. Then something grabbed my arm. I came to realize that whatever it was was actually biting me. It hurt. I believe I might have been hurting for real. I screamed and swear I was screaming loud enough that I could have been heard in reality, but no one came to help. I felt around with my other hand for what was biting me, and realized it was a bear was biting my arm. That’s when I woke up for a hot second and realized that I must not have actually been screaming since Jake was in the bathroom getting ready for work and never came to try and wake me up. When I fell back asleep I started dreaming that the bear was chasing me.

This really disturbed me. Since I could remember the key points I decided to try and figure out what my brain was trying to sort out.

Arm: The ability to hold onto, retain or keep. Dreaming that you can’t use your arms or that you have no arms might mean you’re feeling helpless or ineffective somehow in your life. [Ummm, the miscarriage would totally fit here.]

Blanket: To see a blanket in your dream represents comfort, solace, and safety. To dream that you are wrapped in a blanket implies that you are wary and hesitant to enter into unfamiliar territory. Perhaps associates or friends are behaving indifferent towards you. [This whole experience of being pregnant and suddenly not being so is pretty unfamiliar. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought “I don’t know what’s normal. I’ve never done this before.”.]
Chase: to dream you are being chased indicates you are steering clear of a circumstance that you don’t feel is able to be overcome. If you dream you are being chased by an animal, your anger that you haven’t displayed or acknowledged is placed within this animal. [Well, I’m steering clear of attempting to make another baby until we have the chromosome results back. And sometimes I can be pretty angry. Angry that I miscarried….Angry that my body doesn’t know how to act right now….Angry that I can’t work out until I get my period….Angry at how I feel…But I’ve been keeping this anger in because no one really wants to be around a 28 year old throwing things around, screaming and stamping her feet.]

Bear: To dream about being attacked by a bear suggests boldness and mounting barriers in your way and possibly competitiveness. Bears represent the cycle of life. This could signify a moment in your life that requires self-analysis and deep thought. [This topped the cake. The cycle of life. Ha. I do feel a little competitive when it comes to my friends who are getting pregnant and having babies. I don’t want to feel left behind, which I kind of do right now. And I am thinking a lot about what happened and my feelings towards it all.]

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