I am pregnant hear me roar!

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And cry. And laugh. And fart. And burp.

Hooray for pregnancy symptoms! And I don’t think I mean that in a 100% sarcastic way. A few symptoms that some (maybe most?) women notice during weeks 4-8 in pregnancy, were ones that I noticed the weekend after I conceived (which wouldn’t have been more than 7 days).

Increased urination. This was symptom number one. I barely had anything to drink the day this sparked me as strange. And when I got home I peed for what seemed like forever. Then it didn’t seem like it mattered how much or how little I drank, I had to go and sometimes bad. And not only was I getting up once during the night (which was normal for me before pregnancy), I started getting up twice.

Symptom number two: moodiness. I’d say the weekend after I conceived it was down right bi-polar-ness. I was happy one minute, pissed off the next. I spent one entire morning crying over a pile of wedding presents I wanted in storage, but the dear hubby didn’t. I felt better after I ate, which I originally thought was the problem. Which leads me to symptom number three.

Hunger. I wasn’t hungry all the time. Nor did I have any cravings. I realized I wanted to eat snacks in between meals. This was strange since I was in the habit of eating breakfast, lunch, an occasional afternoon, then dinner. I started realizing I was starving before lunch and starving before dinner. And if I didn’t get food as soon as I felt hungry, I got upset.

Symptom number four: headache. This ended my first weekend of being pregnant. A big headache. This is actually what led me to start looking up early signs of pregnancy. A lot of my girlfriends complained of bad headaches before finding out they were pregnant. I wasn’t sure if it was eye strain or the change in weather. I hoped it was a sign I was pregnant, but I didn’t think I would get symptoms so early.

Then I realized my vaginal discharge was the about the same consistency as it was close to the time of ovulation. Enter symptom number five. Why is this strange? Don’t all females have vaginal discharge? Yes. But if you pay close attention to what happens “down there” throughout the month, you’ll notice discharge of a certain consistency before you’re about to ovulate, then a dry spell until your period. At least that’s what happened to me. And I only took notice because I started paying attention to those types of things when I was trying to get pregnant. When I noticed discharge when there shouldn’t have been, I got concerned.

So I looked up what the early symptoms of pregnancy were. Frequent urination. Check! Moodiness similar to PMS. Big check! Headache. Check! Increased hunger. Check! Vaginal discharge (due to the cervical plug forming). Check!

I bought a pregnancy test the next day. The one that gives you results 6 days before your missed period. And – woo hoo! – when I took it three days later it was positive :o) Merry Christmas to me and my hubby (we found out on December 24)!

Since seeing those two pink lines on a stick, a few more symptoms have cropped up. Increased saliva and cramping are the two biggest. Gas (although that could also be the hummus I love to eat talking) and heart burn (which has been manageable so far. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t put hot sauce and red pepper flakes on my food). And food aversions.

The cramping, although scary, is really the only thing that makes me aware there’s a baby happening. The cramping is from the uterus expanding and making room for Baby. As long as I don’t find blood in my undies, I’ll try not to freak out over it.

The cramping is probably also related to the gas. And it can be painful as the gas makes it’s way through my body. I can’t see myself quitting hummus or beans, especially since I think they’re keeping me regular at the moment, so I’m probably going to have to suffer through this one.

I didn’t know you could produce more saliva in your first trimester. I’m drooling like crazy at night. I’ll wake up and part of my face is wet and cold… Totally not good for my skin!

Heartburn. Along with the gas, I don’t think this will go away. I have to put hot sauce or spicy stuff on my food (especially meat), and I love acidic foods like tomatoes and oranges. Hopefully it will stay manageable for the next eight months.

Food aversions. I haven’t craved anything out of the ordinary, other than maybe pickles (go ahead and laugh). I still want my BBQ every week. I don’t know if it was from being sick or if it was a symptom, but the smell of certain foods over Christmas almost had me running to the bathroom more than once. Chinese, the hubby’s aunt’s green beans and his sister’s spinach and artichoke dip were the three biggest culprits. I have no desire to eat Chinese right now. I don’t know what it was about the beans, unless it was the bacon fat they were cooking in. I think the cheese was what set me off on the artichoke dip. I don’t like cheese anyway. The other night I opened up a cheeseburger and a few days earlier I opened a pizza box and the smell of the cheese on those had me wanting to puke. I don’t like the smell normally, but this was a little worse than normal. I have just started to get my sweet tooth back. I think I lost it because I got really sick with that virus not much later after I attempted to eat a brownie. I wanted nothing to do with brownies, cookies, or cakes over Christmas and New Years. I guess that’s a good thing though 🙂

I’m still waiting for my boobs to grow – and hurt. They started feeling a little tender towards the end of last week, mostly at the nipple. But almost all the ladies I know who have gotten pregnant over the last year couldn’t stop talking about how their boobs hurt and how HUGE they got. I’ll put up with achy boobs if they grow! I might as well take advantage before they droop.

I have yet to experience everything that pregnancy has to offer me. I think extreme tiredness is right around the corner. I want naps more than usual now. It’s amazing what your body goes through during this time – and that it can be different for everyone!

Pregnancy is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get!

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