18 Months

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LettersToMyChildrenLogoDear G,

Happy, Happy 1.5 Year Birthday to You!

Since we are going away for the weekend I didn’t get to make or buy you cupcakes like I had wanted. Instead, you and I celebrated by going to your  18 month doctor appointment today:

Weight: 23lbs 11oz

Length: 33 inches

The nurse practitioner we saw today says you’re doing very well. Our concerns with your tantrums (you will find the hardest object in the room to bang your head on if you don’t get your own way) and eating (you’re very picky now, some days eating better than others) are normal and Daddy and I are (generally) handling them the right way. You were pretty talkative when you weren’t being examined, wanting to show the NP your bunny. I was quite impressed that you recognized the locks on the drawers (they’re smart at this practice) needed a key to open them.

The only shot you got was the optional flu vaccine. Since you got it last year you won’t need the booster shot, which is nice. But I feel your pain, little guy. I got my flu shot a couple weeks ago and I didn’t feel great for two days. Hopefully it won’t slow you down too much.

You’re wearing a size 6.5 shoe, although Daddy says that’s too big. It looked like you were technically a size 6, but I guess the lady at the shoe store gave you that 1/2 an inch for room to grow. Hopefully these shoes will last until spring.

You’re wearing 18-24 month pants (or either depending on the fit) and 24 month shirts.

You’re trying to repeat the last word Daddy and I say. A few days after I wrote this post on your vocabulary, it started growing even more (you repeated “tude” for attitude one morning you were in a mood). Some of the words I wrote about are becoming more clear (“Nie” is now “E’nie” for Ernie). Every now and then you will string two words together. Today you said “Bye bye baby” when you saw a mom and baby leave the doctor’s office.

This week you’ve figured out how to get out of your PJs all by yourself. I’ve come into your room twice in the morning to find a G with unzipped PJs that are still on and once to you standing up in your crib holding out PJs you took off.

What I found one morning

You love standing on a chair to watch Daddy and I prepare food. You’ll even take it upon yourself to drag a chair over to the counter if you feel left out. Or if you’re hungry. I’ve let you help me bake and make dinner this week. Lots of chocolate batter and spices everywhere!

Eating is a challenge. You love fruit and yogurt and cheese. I think you’re finally sick of bananas so I’m taking a break from buying them. The only way you eat vegetables is if they are in a squeezable pouch. Pizza is generally safe, as are a particular kind of store brand chicken tenders or nuggets with ketchup for dipping. Nothing is off limits now. Although you are willing to try whatever looks amusing to you, you usually don’t like it. I miss my little piggy that would eat just about everything we gave him. We’ve started giving you 1/2 a children’s multivitamin to supplement what you might not be getting in nutrients.

I’ve noticed that you will eat better if we don’t push food at you and generally leave you to it. Spreading your food out on the table does not mean you don’t want it. Like a lot of things, you like eating on your own terms. One day you lined your food up in a neat row on either side of your plate. I did some dishes and when I came back to the table 90% of the food was in your tummy! I have to remind myself that you are still little and what takes me 15 minutes to eat might take you 30-40 minutes. Some days you will eat, others not so much. The NP reiterated what I already know: you aren’t going to starve yourself so if you don’t finish something (or eat at all) it’s okay. Make a big deal about it if you do well, don’t say anything if you don’t. As long as we’re pushing nutricious food the majority of the time you’ll turn out okay!

Two foods you like that have surprised me: prunes and salad. We try not to give you too many prunes; usually 1 or 2. I might be willing to go 3 if you seem to have issues with pooping. Your salad needs to be exact: romaine lettuce — the crunchy parts, but not the rib, and a certain Italian dressing. If the lettuce isn’t covered by the dressing or isn’t crunchy enough you won’t eat it. This might be the only vegetable you’ll eat that isn’t in a pouch.

Milk is still a challenge. I’d say you’re up to about 6oz a day average from the 3-4 when you were about 15 months old. It wasn’t brought up by the NP at today’s appointment, but I know it’s not ideal (“experts” want you drinking more like 18oz a day). I’m all about baby steps and at least you’re drinking milk. I hate the stuff.

You are officially done with the pacifier! I made you quit cold turkey and it was a rough couple of days, but you did a lot better than I thought you would during that process.

The loss of the pacifier also meant the loss of your morning nap. Figuring out what to do during the extra hour or so is still a struggle for Mommy. It took a few weeks, but now that you are officially done with that nap, we have finally figured out what schedule works best for you: Up around 7, breakfast at 8, snack at 10, lunch around 11:30, nap from 12:30-2, snack, play, dinner around 5:30, in bed between 7/7:30.

You’re getting pretty good at using door knobs. No one is safe in the bathroom unless they lock the door behind them. You love running into a room to try to shut the door behind you before we can walk in after you.

You’ve caught on that there is a baby in Mommy’s belly. You like to lift up your shirt, point to your belly and say “baby.” Sometimes you like to lift mine up too. I’m good with that; I just hope you don’t try doing it to anyone else. Grannie made me go into a maternity store after your shoe shopping this week to look for a shirt and while you waited outside  the store with Grandpa, you patted a pregnant  manequin’s belly and said “baby.” Then you pointed to the bag Grannie was carrying out of the store and said “baby” again. If only having a baby was that easy. Then I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about not always having the energy or patience to do everything that would entertain you during the day.

Bed head

Well, G, you’re definitely proving that I really do enjoy older babies more than newborns. But I guess I can’t really call you a baby? You’re pretty much a toddler in my mind. We have rough days, but the good days tend to make up for them.

I love you!


3 thoughts on “18 Months

  1. I love this post!
    Happy 18 months! I hope G recovers from the shot quickly.

    I can’t wait have Paxlet help me in the kitchen. I sometimes bring the hand mixer down on a chair or on the floor when I’m doing stuff and he just loves it! Messes will be so much fun!

    Don’t forget that yogurt and cheese count as part of his milk intake. Have you tried cottage cheese? My guy loves it! And maybe he’d like cereal (cheerios or some other non-sugar stuff) with a bit of milk…? We’ve not given milk with the cereals yet, as I know it will be messy. haha

    I’ve not tried taking the pacifier away yet, but he only uses it at night (off and on). Sometimes that is what helps keep him asleep so we all get sleep. But, we still have time and it isn’t causing any issues yet.

  2. Hi from ICLW. Happy 18 months to your son. I remember when my oldest nephew his 18 months, he went from eating just about everything to being pretty picky. I’d love to tell you he got better, but for a long time he was super, super picky. He’s much better now (he’s 11) but, he still doesn’t like vegetables! Oh well. Hopefully your son will come back around to them soon.

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