16 in 2016

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I’ve been doing a lot of list posts this year, so of COURSE I decided to start the new year with one: 16 in 2016.

Trying to accomplish 16 things in a year seems more obtainable than trying to accomplish 101 in things in 1001 days (which I failed at doing. Failed!). Making this list was a lot easier to do as well!

16 in 2016

  • Hang shelves in 1/2 bathroom.:
    • Our 1/2 bath is sooo close to being completed. All I really need are 3-4 shelves to put up above the toilet. I’d like these from Target, so I’m waiting to see if they go on sale.
  • Playroom makeover.
    • I’ve got my paint colors picked out and I’m fairly confident I could do the painting myself. I just need help ripping off the shelf that goes around the entire room.
  • Organize our closet.
    • This has been on our to-do list since I was pregnant with L. My plan is to pick a weekend to send the boys to their grandparents’ house so Mr Boots and I can spend a couple of uninterrupted days organizing it.
  • Print G’s 1st artwork book.
    • I’m very close to having all the photos of his art and craft projects until his second year of preschool organized into a book. I have three more to add and then I’ll be ready to send it to the printer!
  • Create album for L’s second year.
    • I’d like to get caught up on organizing and printing albums in general…
  • Create album for G’s 3rd year.
    • Ideally I’d like to have the photos picked and arranged in said albums so when I see a great deal I can simply order them.
  • Create album for G’s 4th year.

16 in 2016 A bucket List of What I'd LIke to Accomplish this year via muddybootsanddiamonds.com

  • Work on my Gone With the Wind cross-stitch
    • Orignally, I said I wanted to finish it, but I don’t see this happening. So, I just want to work on it a few times this year. Fun fact, my mom started this cross-stitch when I was in 6th grade. That was, like, 20 years ago! She gave it to me to finish because she hated how much green was involved.
  • Complete 21 Day Fix
    • This might not happen as early into 2016 and I hoped, but I will be doing it this year. I have been pinning 21 Day Fix recipes for months and am starting to make them for dinners so I like to think I have a kind of-sort of head start.
  • Cut back on eating out.
    • We’re bad about this when Mr Boots doesn’t work. I know eating out eats a huge chunk out of our budget and with us needing a new-to-us car, and likely car payments, this is the first spending habit I want to change.
  • Participate in the Angel Tree
    • I’ve wanted to do this for a few years now. G is old enough to help me shop and I think he and I would have some fun doing it.
  • Run two 5K races.
    • Preferably one with some bling!
  • Complete C25K.
    • I’ve tried to complete this twice this year with no luck. Maybe 2016 will be the year!
  • Hire a professional photographer to take our family pictures.
    • After two bad quality experiences with Picture People, I’ve decided we’ll splurge on one photography session with a local photographer. I was so disappointed we didn’t have a good family photo for our Christmas cards this year.
  • Create nice printables.
    • I have ideas for printables for our 1/2 bath, but I’d really like to try and makes some to sell as digital downloads to earn a little extra income.
  • Learn how to melt/temper chocolate.
    • I attempted to do this three times this year with no luck. I want to be a master by the time Christmas rolls around!

What do you want to accomplish in 2016?

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