Letters to My Children: 12 and 13 Months

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Dear G,

You turned 13 months old over the weekend, and while I said I wasn’t planning on doing these monthly posts, I felt like I needed to at least write a proper 12 month post.

You really took off walking during the 11-12 month mark. You’re clumsy when you’re tired, but when you’re rested you don’t seem to have a problem getting around and prefer walking to crawling. It didn’t take you long to learn how to pivot and turn around either.

Both sets of grandparents came over to spend time with you on your birthday day, and Daddy came home early. Then we went out to eat at a buffet restaurant (the only restaurant where you seem to actually eat). Then we came home for cake.LettersToMyChildrenLogo

You received your first pair of honest to goodness made-for-walking shoes! You never seemed to like shoes; you wanted the first one off your foot before we had the chance to get the second one on. If they did stay on, you seemed to have trouble walking around in them. After reading about the importance of toddlers getting a proper pair of shoes and looking into where to get you fitted, I opted to get you two pairs of Stride Rites (these were actually a birthday gift from Grannie). I thought you’d hate them and was hesitant about the price, but you had very little trouble walking around in them and you kept them on! It didn’t take long before you started getting excited when you saw the shoes or even heard the word. I’ve even caught you trying to figure out how to get them on your feet yourself. I don’t want to buy any other brand now.

You celebrated Easter for the second time. You and I spent the day at Grannie and Grandpa’s so we’d be in the area for your one year check up the next day. You got to see your aunt and uncle and future uncle and (maybe) future aunt. You seemed to enjoy having an audience of people other than me and everyone seemed to enjoy you!

When I took you to your 12 month check up, the staff seemed a little off their game so I didn’t receive the normal print out about what to expect between visits with your current stats scribbled on the top. What I can recall is that you were 29″ tall and weighed 21lbs 10oz. You had an iron test which came back a 12. The doctor likes to see levels above 12, so we were given a handout with iron rich foods to offer you. So, no supplements; we just have to try and get you to eat more iron-rich foods (Granma is excited to share some liver and onions with you now). I wasn’t really surprised that there was an issue. You have certain foods you love eating, and they aren’t all iron-rich.

I feel like I barely had you in 12 month clothes before you started needing to wear 18 month onesies, especially when you’re wearing a cloth diaper. You’re still in 12 month pants. PJs and shirts can go either way, though the long sleeves on 12 month PJs and shirts are short on you. According to the chart in Target, you are size 18 months.

In month 12-13 you started becoming really entertaining. It was like Daddy and I woke up and you were suddenly a “real boy” (as one of my friends would say). You always seem to do something that makes us laugh. This last month:

You have tried to repeat words we say.

You have a lot to say! We don’t usually understand you, but you definitely have an opinion. One afternoon you were talking away in your car seat and when I looked back at you you were usuing hand gestures as well!

You recognize dogs (sight and sound), cats, tigers, birds, elephants, lions, Noddy, Thomas the Tank Engine, sticks, bananas, cows, balls, and the milk container. You either “say” the word for them or make a sound for each (“Tiger” is usually a roaring sound). I think you have some sort of way to say “Thank you” because you (sometimes) say it in context when you’re handed something.

You can follow simple commands such as putting something back, giving something to me, or go to your high chair for a snack/meal.

You will go to the gate at the bottom of the stairs when you need your diaper changed (usually it’s a poopy diaper, but you did do this once when you had a really wet one). If we ask if you need to go upstairs for a diaper change you’ll go to the gate if you do. You don’t always cooperate once you get upstairs, but at least you’re trying to let us know what you need.

If we ask if you’re ready for a bath you will go to the gate as well. Again, we can’t always get you to cooperate once we get to the top of the stairs.

You love:

Sesame Street and you recognize the characters when you see them outside of TV and your books. “Noddy,” “Raggs and “Sid the Science Kid” seem to hold your attention too.

“I Love You Stinky Face” is a new favorite book since we’ve replaced your before-bed feeding session with reading.

Being outdoors. After I showed you how to help me pick up sticks in the back yard you’ve started doing this while saying something that sounds like “stick” when we go outside. You’ve watched me pull weeds and will now “help” weed too (usually you actually pick leaves off of real plants, but I know your heart is in the right place). It took about a week to get used to the grass (it seemed to scare you) and about another week before dirt didn’t bother you, but now you get excited when we ask if you want to go outside.

Your duckie pacifier. It’s starting to look dingie with all the use you’ve got out of it so far. I’d like to take this away as it isn’t intended for babies over six months, but you do love it and it is easy for you to pick up if you drop it in your car seat.

I think it was Grannie that said the first twelve months are spent learning to roll over, crawl, and walk and it’s everything after the first year that is really fun. You seem to be proving her right!

Helping Mommy pull weeds


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  1. What a sweet, adorable boy! 🙂 It sounds like he is one very clever little guy, understanding so much already.. and speaking too! You are right that something seems to just change after that 1 year mark when they change from babies to little people. It is all about big personality now!! Such a fun age… although of course with its share of naughtiness… at least in our case! 😉 Look forward to more updates on this adorable little guy soon!

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