Climb Out With Us

This year, more women will develop a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder than diagnosed with breast cancer. Pregnant moms. Moms of three week olds. Moms of 11 month olds. Moms who just stopped nursing their 15 month old. Moms who miscarried or babies were born sleeping. Rich moms. Under-served moms. Working moms. Stay-at-home-moms. Adoptive moms. No mother… Read More Climb Out With Us


Why I Climb

“This. This one sentence. Four years ago Postpartum Progress was the ONLY place I found any information about PPD after miscarriage, and this was it. This. This one sentence is why I Climb. Because NO ONE ever told me to be aware of PPD after my loss. Because the anxiety I had during my next… Read More Why I Climb