Letters to L: TWO

Dear L, You turned TWO at the end of January. We didn’t have a party this year, but you ended up having some visitors throughout the day: Grandma and Granddad, and Uncle M and Aunt A. We also went out to lunch at a buffet where you enjoyed peaches, Jello, and drinking soda out of… Read More Letters to L: TWO

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Letters to L: 11 Months

Dear L, You’ll be one year old in a couple of weeks — seriously, where has the time gone? You’re still pretty go-with-the-flow which is really nice. You’ve gotten more vocal and will definitely let us know when you are displeased. Usually with a high-pitched screech. Last month brought a couple more firsts your way: Your… Read More Letters to L: 11 Months

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Letters to L: 10 Months

Dear L, It seems as though you have developmental breakthroughs within days of turning another month older. In the last month you got much faster when crawling. You’ve pulled yourself up to standing a few times, but have been okay just getting up on your knees. You learned how to wave byebye and will try and… Read More Letters to L: 10 Months

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Letters to L: 9 Months

Dear L, You’re movin’ and groovin’ baby! This month you finally started crawling. You’ve gotten very brave and have started exploring behind couches, the fire-place, and the kitchen. Along with crawling, you have mastered pulling up to your knees. I can tell you want to stand up on your feet. Maybe next month? We’re battling… Read More Letters to L: 9 Months