Take Control of Depression with Moodivator {App Review}

Disclaimer: This post was developed in partnership with Pfizer as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. “How have you been feeling?” “How have things been since I last saw you?” My therapist would ask me these questions once I sat down on her couch. Answering these questions wasn’t hard when my therapy appointments… Read More Take Control of Depression with Moodivator {App Review}


Why I Climb

“This. This one sentence. Four years ago Postpartum Progress was the ONLY place I found any information about PPD after miscarriage, and this was it. This. This one sentence is why I Climb. Because NO ONE ever told me to be aware of PPD after my loss. Because the anxiety I had during my next… Read More Why I Climb


Letters in the Mail

95 This is the number of letters going out in the mail today. These letters are going to physicians, therapists, pediatricians, lactation consultants, nurses, doulas, OBs, and midwives. And that is just today. Tomorrow I will mail 70 more. And the day after that I will start emailing professors teaching students in these same fields.… Read More Letters in the Mail