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This week, The Her Stories Project started a campaign geared towards moms in response to Jenny Studenroth Gerson’s article “They Should’ve Warned Me.” Honesty alert: I refused to read that article when it started circling Facebook. Yes, refused. I knew what it was about based on the responses people posted when they shared it. I knew reading… Read More #SoGladTheyToldMe

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I Used To Think…

I used to think 7:30am was early. Now it’s sleeping in. I used to think parents taking their kids out to eat past 8pm were selfish for keeping them up too late. Now I know they may be dealing with extenuating circumstances keeping them all up late — I shouldn’t judge. I used to think parents… Read More I Used To Think…

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When Do You Become a Mom?

Note: This was a much more difficult post for me to write than I anticipated. I’m worried that my thoughts will offend or upset some readers. Maybe people will read this and think it sounds fine. But just in case someone does take offense to it, please know that I don’t mean it to be offensive.… Read More When Do You Become a Mom?