Happy Hump Day!

I thought since it’s Wednesday (aka Hump Day) I’d announce that I am 20 weeks today! The week halfway over and my bun is (hopefully) halfway done baking. My pregnancy apps tell me it’s something to celebrate, and I think they’re right. Too bad my idea of celebrating these days is sleeping! I have about 5… Read More Happy Hump Day!



Despite what people say about first time moms not being able to feel their baby move until about 20 weeks, I’ve been feeling the baby move since about 12 weeks. I think if you’re in tune to your body and have a general idea of what the first movements can feel like then it’s totally possible to feel it move… Read More Poke!

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Pop! Goes the Belly

A couple of weekends ago I received confirmation from three of my mommy friends that what I felt was a bloated tummy is actually a baby belly. I have always had a belly so I feel like I looked pregnant before I ever was. And I get so bloated when I’m pregnant that it doesn’t… Read More Pop! Goes the Belly


Happy Anniversary

Today is my one year wedding anniversary. It is also the 13 year anniversary of when Mr Boots and I went out on our first date. We didn’t have anything special planned. For the past month I have been salivating just thinking about the anniversary cake we picked up yesterday. I’m so glad we didn’t have to freeze… Read More Happy Anniversary


Second Trimester Rant – Why Shouldn’t I Be the One Telling People I’m Pregnant?

So maybe I’m being weird (that really wouldn’t be anything new). The second trimester is usually when people announce their pregnancies. Now that I’m in my second trimester close friends and immediate family want to know when I will announce my pregnancy to larger groups of people (that is, The World). Or, they want to know… Read More Second Trimester Rant – Why Shouldn’t I Be the One Telling People I’m Pregnant?