Misty Morning Lake

The best camera is the one you have on you. For me, that’s typically my phone. I’m having a good time learning the new camera features on my new phone (the iPhone 7 Plus), and because it’s brand new the quality of the pictures is nicer than what I’ve gotten used to. Mr Boots worked… Read More Misty Morning Lake

Holidays, Photography

Halloween 2016

I’d say Halloween 2016 was a success. When I think about it, the holiday celebrations started on Thursday. Both boys had Halloween parties at school. They got to dress up in costumes and had all sorts of sugary snacks. G even had pizza, and it was nice not to have to worry about making him… Read More Halloween 2016


My Fungi Back Yard

I woke up one morning to find mushrooms sprinkled around our back yard. We’ve had issues with them in the past, but this year we’ve seen several types of fungi that we’d never seen before. And more of it. It was past time that the grass needed cutting, so I decided I would spend the morning… Read More My Fungi Back Yard