5 Things I Remembered I Need to Remember

Really, this should be titled “5 Things I Remembered I Need to Remember When I Am Going to Be Alone, Outside City Limits, With My Two Kids” but that title is simply too long.

The other day I went to visit my parents who live one hour away. Our ride back home was FOUR! HOURS! LONG! due to insane interstate traffic. This has made me rethink ever visiting that area with two little boys in tow ever again ever.

This was my third outing alone with both boys, the second trip to visit my parents. I just got used to not needing the diaper bag when I go out with G. Now I’m having to get used to packing for a potty training two year old and a 10 week old. There are things I’ve managed to consistently forget each time I’ve left the house with them. These are things I need to remember to keep in the diaper bag:

1. Extra shirts for myself: because my boobs still have a mind of their own. I’ve arrived at my parent’s house, twice now, with a wet spot on my shirt because my boobs decided to leak on the trip up. Then when I nursed L after getting the boys settled, he spat up on said shirt. Both these times I had somewhere to be after dropping the boys off with their grandparents. Pretending I wasn’t aware of said dirty shirt made me feel slightly better, but I could tell that others noticed.

2. Snacks for G/me: because getting out of slow moving traffic at an exit that is just as backed up as the interstate to find a drive through that is not busy isn’t a fun option. Sometimes I just want to get home and stopping requires extra time, knowledge of drive thrus, and money (which I never seem to have).

3. Nursing cover: because I’m not discrete when I nurse. I admire moms who can do it without flashing boob, but that isn’t me. I am not good at nursing in public. The people looking down on me from the top of the hill trying to get out of the Target parking lot as I tried nursing my 10 week old who hadn’t eaten in 5 hours know that now.

4. Nursing pads: because see why I need to pack extra shirts for me!

5. Extra pacifiers/toys: because it’s easier to try and search for one in the diaper bag next to me as I’m driving than it is to reach in the back seat and try to find the one that dropped out of the car seat while driving.

What are your must-haves for when you’re out and about with your kids?

Mommy Musings

* When does play become flirting? I started wondering this as I was watching Peppa Pig with G. Mummy and Daddy Pig were splashing each other in the ocean and I thought, “Aw, they’re flirting!” Then Peppa and George joined in. Then I started thinking that boys and girls playing like that when they are little is just that: playing. When does it turn into flirting? Hmm. I thought back to my childhood and decided 6th grade. Then I felt horrified because, 6TH! GRADE! But sadly, this is when I think something like getting splashed with water or having a ball thrown too hard at you in a game of dodge ball turned into “OOOOOOH! S/HE LIIIIIKES YOU! YOU’RE GONNA GET MAAAARIED!”

* I somehow manage to color coordinate our outfits for the day. Usually G, L, and myself are in the same color; however, yesterday — without meaning to – I chose outfits that called attention to how awesome my boys are. I felt left out. I need a shirt that calls attention to how awesome I am.


* Dinosaur Train made me feel less sad about G not getting enough attention now that L is here. The triceratops had a baby sibling that all the other dinosaurs OOHED and AAHHED over. Triceratops felt left out. It wasn’t until two older triceratops (or is that triceratopses?) came and explained they felt the same way when they got new siblings and how much better it was to be older that the first triceratops felt better. This sounds like life around our house right now: L receives most of the attention because he can’t fend for himself. G gets less of it because he is older and can do some things, like play, by himself. If they made an episode discussing it it’s obviously an issue families with more than one child deal with at some point. I just wish G was old enough to really understand the point of the episode. Oh well. I felt better having watched it. At least I know I’m not alone. I do my best to make sure G gets good attention from me, but it’s hard with a baby.

* The weather is getting warmer and I can actually go for walks. However, my allergies act up when I spend even 2 minutes outdoors. There is one breastfeeding approved allergy med I can take, but apparently it can cause my milk to dry up. This makes me nervous, but I have to be able to take G outdoors and away from the TV now that it’s warmer out. Hopefully it will make me drink more water throughout the day.

* I have a waffle problem. I find myself eating 4 toaster waffles for breakfast before I have a talk with myself on how this isn’t acceptable if I’m going to start trying to tone up and at least maintain my weight since I’m nursing L. But they’re so good…

Letters to G: TWO

DSC_0515 Dear G,

You’re TWO now! No longer a baby, you’re definitely turning into your own person.

Your first year involved two moves. We’ve had a good time settling into our new house and making it our own this year. Your second year involved another big change: a baby brother. At times you are jealous that L gets more Mommy Time than you, but overall you love giving him hugs and kisses. You are excited to see him in the morning and get concerned when he cries. You insist we put him on the floor so you can “play”. We think you have given him the nickname “Tiny.”

You’ve just started talking in two-three word sentences. It is so nice being able to have a conversation with you. It’s also made being in the car more enjoyable. You only fuss and cry when you drop a toy or are tired. You like to point out objects you recognize as we drive.

Even when you speak one word at a time I can have a conversation with you. You can tell me the first part of Finding Nemo in just a few words: Daddy, whale, scared, boat, diver, Nemo, scared, box. The other night you retold me part of your day doing this. I love it!

You’re wanting to do more on your own now. Or, try to do more on your own. You’re a quick learner, which means that Daddy and I also have to watch what we say and do around you.

You’re in a twin size bed now and love bouncing on it while telling is about the monkeys bouncing on the bed (monkey, jumping, booboo, head, mommy, doctor). You’re quite content to play alone there in the morning or before or after nap time. I’m always amazed that you will climb into bed and put the covers over you when you’re done playing and reading and are ready to nap.

You have dropped your morning nap and your day goes something like this: 7/7:30 wake up, 8-9 breakfast, 11:30 lunch, 1 stories, 130 – 330 nap/rest, 4 snack, 530 dinner, 7 help with L’s bath/your bath, 730 stories or iPhone time, 830 bed. If prefer it when you went to bed at 730 or 8 but you’re still getting the required amount of sleep for someone your age.

I am sad to say that you’ve become a picky eater. I’m not concerned, but I do miss the days where you’d eat just about anything I put in front of you. Cheese and bread and fruit and fries are the majority of what you will eat. You love sweets and always want to drink Daddy’s coke when you see him with soda (you’re starting to learn I won’t willingly share things like that with you). I’ve seen you go on and off foods (sometimes giving you a break from one makes it awesome again a few weeks later). Meat and vegetables are two big food groups that you won’t really eat, but if you see Daddy and I eating them, you will at least try them.

Potty training is still a work in progress. I feel we got to a great place and then you regressed when Daddy was about to go back to work after L was born. I was ready for the regression, though I’ll admit I was hoping we’d be back to the point where you’d at least tell us before you had to use the potty instead of right after. You do pretty well as long as we remind/make you sit on the potty every 60-90 minutes. We’ve yet to venture too far from the house for too long in underpants, but I plan on making that plunge this summer.

We looked into preschools not too long ago and picked one for you to go to twice a week starting in the fall. I hope you will enjoy it! Daddy and I think it will be a great way for you to interact with children your own age. They will also help with potty training. I am hoping that if you see others letting the teachers know they need to use the bathroom you will start doing so too (if you haven’t started doing it before then).

There are still temper tantrums, but at least it’s easier to understand why you are upset. You still bang your head when you are upset or embarrassed or just trying to get attention, but I don’t think the issue is as bad as it used to be. Aside from the tantrums, you’ve proven to be lots of fun this past year and I can’t wait to see how much you change and grow in the year to come!



CHEESE!! (It was hard getting you to look at the camera. You were too busy watching Peppa Pig)

Two Year Stats:
Weight: 26lbs
Height: 35in
Shirts: 3T
Pants: 24 months (we can swing a 2T if we have the Dapper Snapper on hand to shorten the waist)
Shoe size: 6.5
Likes: trains, Thomas the Tank Engine, outdoors, jumping/bouncing, Peppa Pig, Caillou, Finding Nemo, running
Dislikes: vegetables, cleaning up your toys, being made to use the bathroom, I’m starting to think you don’t really like the dark

Letters to L: 2 Months

Dear Lil L,

You are only two months old, but it’s hard to imagine there was a time you weren’t in my life.

You still like to sleep, though you have more wakeful moments during the day. Getting you to fall asleep is a challenge. It can still take 2-3 hours to settle you down enough to not only fall asleep, but stay asleep. There is a lot of holding, rocking, burping, and pacifier reapplication involved. Once you are out, you are out for a couple of hours which is nice, but the process can be frustrating for me.

Once we get you settled for the night, you will usually sleep for 4 hours, nurse, and sleep for another 2-3 hours. Depending on what time you initially fall asleep for the night, I will get up with you 1-2 times. You’ve gotten better at falling asleep quickly after the night time feedings so I don’t always have to go in again once I put you back down. I wish this transferred to daytime sleep time, but I guess that will be a work in progress. I have to remind myself you are only 2 months old. It’s going to be a while before you will get the hang of sleeping.

You smile a lot. I’m not sure how much of it is gas, but it’s nice to see you do it, especially at G. You’ve greeted him with a smile when he runs to your crib in the morning and it melts my heart every time. I think you smile at him more than anyone else.


I think the Zantac is helping your reflux be less painful. It took some time, but you spit up without making a huge fuss now. However, you seem to choke on fluids a lot (breastmilk, Vitamin D, Zantac). In fact, you choked on your Vitamin D the other night and started passing out. The pediatrician thinks it’s a symptom of reflux and has suggested bottle feeding you part time and mixing rice cereal in with the milk to, hopefully, keep it in your stomach longer. I’m not sure we’re going to do this, as I feel your choking largely depends on how relaxed we are. We don’t have issues at night when we’re both drowsy. It’s usually during the day when there is a lot going on. I had the same issue with G and it got better as time went on. Right now I am thinking the same will happen for you.

Your 2 month check up happened at 9 weeks. You received three vaccines: two shots and one you had to take orally. You were pretty grumpy when your legs are touched so I caved and gave you pain reliever. It seemed to settle you down, but you hated it when your legs touched anything.

You also had your urologist appointment the same day. Good news: your hyposadias is minor and the doctor didn’t think it will cause issues. So, no surgery! I just hope the doctor is correct and it won’t cause issues for you if you decide you want children.

When you are upset you like grasping my finger to hold on to. You’ll often bring it close to your chest. I’ve noticed that stroking your cheek can also help calm you down. You like using me as a pacifier more than an actual pacifier and I can have a hard time getting you to accept one. You seem to do well with bottles, though since I am home with you, you don’t drink from one often.

9 Week Stats:
Weight: 13lbs 5.2oz
Height: 22.5
Clothing size: 3-6 and 6 months
Shoe size: n/a
Likes: cuddles, sleeping, grasping, holding fingers
Dislikes: gas, hiccups, being cold, feeling left out



This month has flown by, as I’m sure the ones to follow will. I love you!