Mable’s Labels: Review and 50% Off Codes!

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as stuck as the day i put it on

as stuck as the day i put it on

I love stickers and labels. I love things with my name on them. For the longest time (pre-Rachel-and-Ross-had-a-baby-and-named-her-Emma) it was extremely hard to find my name printed on anything, especially in the States. It just wasn’t very common over here when I was growing up. My mom had to have things with my name on them custom made. Continue reading →


The other evening, G found my hairbrushes and decided to make me look pretty for the visit to the farm we were having the next day. He combed and brushed my hair and told me it was beautiful. He was really quite proud of himself. I had to laugh when he cocked his head to one said and said, “Bigger!” and started fanning my hair around my pillow.


It was getting dark when I took this, hence the graininess.

Mom, Say Cheese! Photo Challenge: Week 20

Mom Say Cheese Blog Link UpIf you’re anything like me, you’re constantly taking pictures of your kids and possibly your kids with your partner, but the number of pictures of your kids and you are few and far between.

I started the Mom, Say Cheese! Photo Challenge in hopes that mothers would get out from behind the camera and into pictures with their children more often. I’d love for moms everywhere to challenge themselves to at least one picture a week that includes them and their children.

If you’re a blogger and happen to include said picture(s) in a blog post, feel free to link up below by using the linky form or pasting your link in the comment sections. I’d love to see what you’ve been up to!

And don’t forget, you can always post your pictures on other forms of social media using hashtag #MomSayCheese!

The Mom, Say Cheese! Photo Challenge is pretty simple:

  • Have fun!
  • Take a picture of yourself and your kid(s). Or get someone else to do it for you.
  • Be creative. Your faces don’t have to be in the pictures.
  • Link up below (Link-up will be open every day throughout the month). I’d love for you to link back to this post to help spread the word, though it’s not necessary
  • Share your pictures on other social media with #MomSayCheese throughout the week! You can see most of mine on my Instagram page.

A Day in My Life as A SAHM: No School Edition

What does a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) do all day? Well, I can’t vouch for the other moms, but here’s a glimpse of a day I had last week when I was at home all day with the boys.

1:45am Wake up, nurse L

4:30am G wakes up and starts knocking (loudly) on his door because he heard Hubby leave for work. Get out of bed to tuck G back in. I check phone for email and social sites and get sucked into reading comments to a tweet.

5:30ish Go back to sleep.

6:25 I hear L crying and check phone for time. See a text from Hubby letting me know has been in a car accident. Call him. He’s okay, the work truck isn’t.

6:30 Nurse L and put him back down.

7:20 Get waken up by G. Turn on Max and Ruby and try to will myself awake.

7:30 Hear a thump and then L crying. Not sure what he did but I get him up and change him since he has soaked through his diaper.

7:50 G needs to poop and he (thankfully) willingly sits on the potty. Calls out to me from the bathroom to tell me it’s harder to do than he thought. I get dressed.

8:00 Head downstairs for breakfast. I make G’s first, then L’s, then mine. I finish eating mine as boys play.

8:40-9:00 Get boys dressed and call my mom to chat for a bit.

9:00 G wants Peppa Pig on. I stop L from chewing on the edge of the area rug. I make G sit on the potty before putting Peppa on the TV, which he doesn’t appreciate. I carry him to the bathroom and he insists on privacy. When he’s done, I help him get dressed and turn Peppa on for him. I take a potty break.

9:15 Tell G he can’t play by the fire-place. He gets upset.

9:20 L starts getting fussy and rubbing his face, so I bribe G with videos on the phone take L upstairs to put medicine on his face, nurse him, and put him down for a nap.

930 Throw in random things into washing machine, take recycling to the curb, reheat coffee

9:35 G turns off TV saying he is done watching Peppa. He wants to wait in the garden for Grannie and Papa. I make G upset by telling him we can’t; they won’t be here for two days. He sees a banana want to play with it. Gets upset when I take it away because he’s not eating it. Wants to watch Peppa. No, a movie. He settles on Tangled.

9:45 G cuddles with me while I finish my coffee and we watch part of Tangled.

10:00 G wants to play trains. I lay down tracks while he gets upset that the magnetic trains weren’t sticking to each other in a way that suited him.

10:45 Since his monitor isn’t working correctly, I go upstairs to check on L. He’s happily babbling away to himself. I have no idea how long he’s been awake.

11:10 I ask G what he’d like for lunch. He tells me he wants cinnamon rolls then he insists that he hold Our Baby. I let him make two attempts before taking L away from him because they both kept falling over and hitting their heads on the hardwood floor.

11:20 I make G a PB&J sandwich with a side of mini pepperoni. He helps by putting the pieces of bread together. L starts losing it in the next room because 1) we’ve left him alone and 2) someone is getting ready to eat. I give L some mango slices and baked beans from my lunch. He’s only interested in the mango.

11:40 Clean up from lunch and help G clean up toys before Caillou comes on TV. L babbles happily at Chicka on TV.

12:00pm Let G watch Caillou while I nurse L.

12:15pm Watch Caillou.

12:30 Put L down for a nap.

12:50 make G clean up the new mess he made. Try not to lose my patience because he “isn’t” listening to what I’m asking him to do.

1:00 Make G sit on the potty, wash hands, and we go upstairs.

1:10 I realize we don’t have any daytime pull ups so I have to use a nighttime one. Of course it’s Thomas so G’s happy with that. I ask him to pick a book to read and he tells me he doesn’t want to read a book. He gets into bed. This is very rare, but I take advantage of not having to read Elmo and Friends for the umpteenth time.

1:15 L wakes up. I let him cry for a bit before giving him gas drops (his stomach had been gurgling all morning) and nursing him and putting him back down. He doesn’t like that.

1:30 G wakes up. I let him whine.

1:35 G opens his door. His eyes are still pretty much closed as I help him back into bed.

1:40 I go into L’s room and his head is on the mattress. Though he is fussing, he appears to be trying to fall back asleep.

2:00 Edit and post a picture for a blog post, try to ignore L’s fussing, and do some other various bloggy things.

2:30 Hear a noise at the front door. Hubby walks in. We talk about the accident he was in and he goes upstairs to take a shower. I make tea and frost a cupcake (or two) to eat. I think both boys are finally asleep.

4:00 Both boys start waking up. I get G out of the pull up and into regular underpants. I change L’s diaper. We go downstairs and I leave them to play so I can start figuring out what we’re eating for dinner. I decide on spaghetti because I really don’t feel like cooking. Besides, the Witching Hour is upon us and both boys are in less-than-stellar moods. I don’t have time to make something more exciting. I try not to feel resentful that Hubby is upstairs taking a shower while I try to manage the boys and make dinner.

5:00ish We eat! Or, me, Hubby, and L eat. G mostly plays with his food for a bit before announcing he is done with dinner.

6:00-7:00 I wipe off L and start clearing dishes off the table. Hubby takes L upstairs for a bath and to get him dressed for bed. When the dishes have been neatly piled in/next to the sink I cuddle with G on the couch at his request. Hubby calls down to me when L is ready to nurse, so I go upstairs and take L while Hubby goes downstairs to sit with G.

7:00 Hubby gives G his bath.

7:30-8:00 G gets the option of watching videos on Daddy’s phone or watching some TV in our bed. He chooses TV so he can watch Caillou.

8:00 Hubby and G say goodnight to each other than I read G one book, tuck him in, and kiss him goodnight.

8:10-8:45 Hubby and I take turns putting G back into his bed because for whatever reason G keeps getting out of it and knocking on his door very loudly.

9:00 take a shower and get into bed. Hubby is already asleep. I watch TV and play on my phone until 11:30ish.

Rinse. Repeat.

This was actually a pretty easy day. Unlike today, when G is losing his temper over every.little.thing. The kid got upset that I gave into one of his demands. Sigh. Luckily I got to drop him off at school for the morning. It’s only his third day of school, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the break it’s giving me!